Sunday, January 25, 2015
Sony: We Are Trying To Set The New Gaming Rules

Sony: We Are Trying To Set The New Gaming Rules

The world of gaming is a big, bad and rapidly changing place. That’s something Sony knows, and as the firm prepares to journey out of its “cozy walls”, and venture into the age of connectivity, it’s trying to create the rules by which said age will be governed.

That’s according to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss Jim Ryan, who admitted to MCVUK that the days of the closed platform has come to an end.

It’s definitely the case that the old model of these very siloed platforms is breaking down a bit. It is function of now having proper connected devices. PS2 was not a connected device. PSP was not really a proper connected device. PS3 is and PS Vita most definitely is. So we have the ability now to have devices talk to each other.

There are obviously lots of people, whether it is on a tablet or a smartphone, playing games. Sorts of people who a number of years ago were simply not doing that. We see it a real opportunity to take that constituency and offer them a PlayStation experience, whether that is with an emulated virtual dual shock, or whether it is the use of PSN functionality, which will come in the future.

First things first. In order for one to conquer a task at hand, that person must admit to the present day’s reality and challenges. That’s something Sony has done, Ryan believes, concurring that the firm needs to change its habits and forge the path that others must follow.

This is new ground for us. It didn’t seem it at the time but these walled gardens are actually nice, cosy places, and we are now going out into the big bad world where there are no rules. We are trying to set those rules.

We are having to reset a lot of our thinking. And I am enjoying that. But it is a challenge, because we’ve been pushing PS1, PS2 and PS3, basically the same way, and then all of a sudden we are like ‘You have to forget that and think differently’.

Has PS3 offered that seamless experience Mr. Ryan speak of? Is the PlayStation experience at its best, or is there room for improvement? Share your thoughts.

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  • TheGrimOfDeath

    I don’t think there is anymore improvements for the PS3, sure games are a bit pricey, but just wait a few months and *ploop* 10$ decrease. But Sony there are so many improvements that are needed for the Vita, like so…many….

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    Also PS Vita Update 1.8 coming tomorrow guys!

  • narwall14

    1.8 ftw!

  • nick

    gotta love it how he says closed platform, IE locked to developers and expensive SDKs than elaborates with a completely irrelevant paragraph.
    exactly why ouya has been so successful!
    exactly why PC gaming is making a strong comeback!
    because its so open and accessible, you dont need a spar gazillion dollars to go make your own game and sell it to the masses!
    i really thought $ony would of learned that by now!
    i guess i thought wrong………
    if $ony does not provide some sort of free SDK as part of the ps4, all i can say is its good bye playstation!
    theres so many platforms out there where its cheaper and easier to get your game on the market, and once you have done so you get more of the margins as well.
    sure big developers will stay there, but the little guys, the big guys of tomorrow wont.

  • nick

    one thing ill always hate about $ony!
    they act like their open like linux, when in fact there closer to as closed as apple!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    True, true :)