These Are The Specs Of PS4 – 10x More Powerful Than PS3


VG Leaks has up some juicy PS4 specs given to it by an industry source, specs revealing that Sony’s PlayStation 4 will be ten times more powerful than its current console, PS3 and much more.

Here’s the full quencher:



4 core (2 core pairs) 3.2 GHz AMD x86 (Steamroller)
aggregate, 10x PS3 PPU performance
512 KByte L2 per core pair
64 bit pointers

AMD R10x series GPU @ 800 MHz (Tahiti)
aggregate 10x RSX performance, 1.84 TFlops
cheap branching
18 compute units, focus on fine grained compute & tessellation

2 GByte UMA, pushing for 4 GByte
192 GByte/ sec non-coherent access for e.g. GPU
12 GByte/ sec coherent access for CPU
>50% longer memory latency for CPU/ GPU compared to PC!!!
DXT is lowest bpp texture compression format

50 GByte BD drive
PCAV, between 3.3 and 8x BD, most likely clamped to 6x
automatic background caching to HDD
HDD SKU with at least 380 GByte
downloadable games

video encoder/ decoder
audio processing unit, ~200 concurrent MP3 streams
HW zlib decompressor

Remember this is only a rumor, so drink sparingly. However if all this turns to be true, Sony’s PS4 will be a beast – throw in Gaikai into the mix and the possibilities are endless.

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Ernice Gilbert here. Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Gamesthirst. Thanks for stopping by, make yourself at home!

9 Comments on "These Are The Specs Of PS4 – 10x More Powerful Than PS3"

  1. nick July 8, 2012 at 7:35 am -

    no way!
    specs are FAR too low!
    especially the RAM, epic and $E have said both their tech demos were running off 16GBs of DDR3 most importantly high speed 1600Mhz memory.
    no way in hell those specs would be able to deliver on the tech demos that have been shown!
    another thing the BD drive.
    why would you stick with dual layer 50GB when we have the technology to cram hundreds of GB per layer?
    and it uses the same laser as the ps3 and burners today use so it wont be that much more expensive!
    no way, this is by far the most BS specs we have seen!

  2. nick July 8, 2012 at 7:45 am -

    not to mention $ony spent 70 arms and 64 legs developing cell, RSX and XDR architecture for the ps3.
    $ony just recently bought out toshibas share and factories in CELL development.
    toshiba was planing to use the factory to create CELL processors for their top end TV line, but it ended up generating too much heat they had cooling problems so they canned the project and sold the factory to $ony.
    now why would $ony buy the factory 1 year from the ps3s replacement?
    they already have plenty of factories for ps3 development, so obviously they bought out toshibas share for future development.
    ill be extremely surprised if the ps4 does not have cell technology in it!
    a family friend of ours actually works for IBM, i met him for the first time last week.
    really nice guy!
    and he says the same thing im saying, hes spent 48 years as a systems architect for IBM and just like i said he said ill bet my job that the ps4 WILL have CELL architecture in it!
    probably XDR also simply because recently there was a big development in it, XDR 2 memory is available now which is actually cheaper to manufacture, MUCH MUCH MUCH faster, and has some really nifty features!
    i wouldent be surprised if the ps4 ends up as a ps3 turned up to 11!
    in fact thats exactly what it should be!
    developers and $ony themselves have had the past 6 years working with this architecture, they would be stupid to pull the rug from under themselves and start all over again!
    as the ps3 has proven CELL really IS the best architecture out there, as long as you have engineers trained in it.
    when you know it inside out it can give you FAR more TFLOPs than what X86 architecture like 360 and PC could ever dream of!
    $ony and IBM were really ingenious with cell!
    its a shame IBM have backed down with it abandoning future advancements leaving it up to $ony.
    theres still allot of room and unexplored territory with power 7 its a real shame they pussied out!
    i really hope $ony does not do the same!

  3. Ernice Gilbert July 8, 2012 at 7:47 am -

    All that science you speak means nothing to me, but whatever you say :)

  4. nick July 8, 2012 at 10:59 am -

    math really not science.
    TBH that leaked spec sheet we saw a while ago looks to be the most realistic to me.
    the specs were a little pie in the sky but they were probably just targets not final specs.
    those made sense, and would be PLENTY to give us $Es Anglais tech demo!
    AND some!
    especially if games really are going 4K next gen.
    seriously doubt they will be, BUT we definitely need a jump in resolution 1080P is not enough!
    4K capable TVs will be out within 2 years, so to release a console not capable of taking advantage of them is suicide!
    exactly why i think next year is a little too early to bring out new consoles.
    late 2014 would be much better timing!

  5. ExclusivesMostly July 8, 2012 at 3:38 pm -


  6. wicken July 8, 2012 at 8:06 pm -

    I agree with nick. Next year it will be the next gen consoles announcement and their respective release on 2014.

  7. drakenoshway July 10, 2012 at 1:11 am -

    @nick reslotution really wont do a thing for image quality at this point unless your playing on an obscenely large TV(as in… 80 inches or larger) and even then its not going to be much of an impact. the need to worry more about the hardware they put into the machine not being bargain bin trash, and maybe they can make a game where the gameplay is the focus instead of pretty pictures.

  8. nick July 10, 2012 at 1:16 pm -

    oh please dont buy into that BS!
    at the reccomended viewing distance, 3Ms for a 50″ TV you can easily detect the difference between FHD and higher resolutions!
    go into a apple store and have a look at the new macbook pro with retina display.
    games look oh so much crisper on that than they do on current displays because laptops just dont offer the higher resolution!
    id be the first to say there is more important areas for technology to develop in, IE ray tracing, increased particle effects, more advanced physics systems, higher AA and newer types of AA, ect, ect.
    but to say it would not make much of a difference is just ridiculous!

  9. nick July 10, 2012 at 1:19 pm -

    its the same old BS argument people used when HD displays first came out.
    i remember a friend of mine and i bought the EXACT same laptop!
    everything exactly the same, only difference was his screen was 720P mine was 1080P.
    his actually had a higher gamut level than mine so if anything his should of looked better!
    but it dident, mine did!
    and that was a laptop sitting inches away from it, not meters!
    take it to a TV, and a 3M distance the difference would be allot clearer.

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