Weekend Quencher 06/16/12 – Double XP Edition

Battlefield 3

Doesn’t matter if you’re into Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3, you’ll be able to rake in more points for blasting enemy combatants in their heads this weekend, as both games host double XP events running till Monday. The week has come to an end, friends, I’ve got my guns ready, anybody up for some gaming?

It’s a quiet weekend for me, and I’ll be playing some games all today and tomorrow. I’m currently replaying, for the fifth time, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, and I hope to have it completed before Monday. Battlefield 3 is always a go for me, as many of my friends play it, and I’ll go back to Modern Warfare 3 to grab some double XP points.

PSN: Maestro-GTUnit

And that’s it. Gaming all weekend. What are you guys up to? Share it!

Enjoy your weekend.

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Author: Ernice Gilbert View all posts by
Ernice Gilbert here. Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Gamesthirst. Thanks for stopping by, make yourself at home!

9 Comments on "Weekend Quencher 06/16/12 – Double XP Edition"

  1. TheGrimOfDeath June 17, 2012 at 12:18 am -

    I’ve haven’t been playing BF3 that much, but since seeing double XP that might be an incentive to make me play again.

  2. TheGrimOfDeath June 17, 2012 at 12:20 am -

    Also Games Thirst editors, did you know Sony removed the 4GB memory card from the PS Vita AC3 Liberation Bundle Pack?
    It might be a mistake or a price drop. :) You guys figure it out. I’m going to bed.

  3. nick June 17, 2012 at 3:41 am -

    its been a nice lazy weekend for me.
    cant believe i woke up at 3 in the arvo today!
    god dam rain makes it look allot earlier than it actually was.
    im really tossing up whether i should finish the course ive wasted a year on.
    its taken a year for me to complete 1 module at this rate its going to be 3 years wasted on just a small cert 3!
    really not much work for programmers here either, and even when i finish my course ill still have to do a advanced diploma which is another 3 years minimum.
    im starting to have second thoughts about dropping out of desktop support and moving over to programming, just seems a waste of time especially when theres not much work out there for it.
    gaming wise ive been trying to finish off lolipop chainsaw which actually turned out better than what i was expecting.
    its still your typical suda 51 game as in repetitive crude and a little clumsy.
    but its actually for once allot of fun!
    id love to see an adoption to this.
    theres so many zombie games out there but very few are melee focused and none allow you to use a chainsaw!
    id be really cool if we could have a open world zombie game with chainsaws as the main weapon.
    but it needs a really in depth combat system, thats one area as usual sudas games fall down.
    just mash triangle for a 6 move attack, yea not exactly a in depth fun complex combat system!
    shame, if they fixed that the boring combat, id actually be a pretty good game!
    that and blasting through the LBP and dust 514 betas.
    really looking forward to LBP on the vita, however it has me really concerned about when its going to release and in what state.
    i mean its been in development for so long now, and yea its a beta but they dont exactly have allot of content on hand!
    just makes me wonder how much is really finished.

  4. TheGrimOfDeath June 17, 2012 at 3:56 am -

    I too am really looking forward to LBP, but I wish that DJ Max Technika would come out faster! I loved that game! Also why is my comment saying awaiting moderation? I posted a comment just after the first one and it’s not showing.

  5. nick June 17, 2012 at 4:34 am -

    yay more leaked next gen specs!
    wonder if this is what epic was saying about them seeing next gen systems and there not powerful enough.
    if thats what they have seen dam straight its not!
    if M$ is really stupid enough to release this as a “next gen” system they might as well quit the industry while their ahead!

  6. Ernice Gilbert June 17, 2012 at 7:11 am -

    @Nick: Bro I’d go into programming if I were you. Isn’t it more suited for your field?

  7. Ernice Gilbert June 17, 2012 at 7:11 am -

    @Grim: Yeah, you should get into some BF3 over the weekend. It’s decent fun. What’s your ID?

  8. TheGrimOfDeath June 17, 2012 at 10:35 am -

    @Ernice: ID:TheGrimOfDeath (XD I just use that as my username for most things), I guess I’ll start playing again. I just played right now for like 30 min and was really fun playing BF3 again, but first If I wan’t to play for a prolonged amount of time I still have 1 more term exam on Tuesday. Also Wednesday!!! PS Vita!!!

  9. nick June 17, 2012 at 11:25 am -

    yea it is, but theres not much work for it here most of the work is in the UK and states.
    and what little is here is contract work normally 3 to 6 months, than you could be out of work for weeks, months, years!
    not to mention it will take at least another year to finish my current course plus 3 more years for a advanced diploma, than allot of contractors want a Batchelor in computer science which is another 3 year course.
    too expensive, the AD is 35K and the Batchelor is 50!
    not worth spending the time and money when you have such a low chance of getting sustainable work.
    ive been doing desktop support for 5 years now thats why i wanted to switch im getting a bit bored of it and i really enjoy programming so i wanted to switch over, but unfortunately theres just not much work for it here.
    a family friend of ours has been a web designer C# programming for 30 years now, hes one of the most respected in the country and even he is struggling to find work!
    he just lost a 600K contract to the states last week, he had the contract than at the last minute a company in india came in and under quoted him so he lost the contract.
    people dont give a shit about quality any more, they just want to get things done as cheaply as possible!
    they dont care if they have to spend double later on to fix a poor job!
    my game design teacher is the same, he use to teach programming and game design for TAFE for 12 years, now hes had to take on chemistry and physics because only a small amount of TAFE colleges do the other courses now.
    in fact theres only 3 in the country now that do programming and game design!
    ill stick with it as a hobby but as a career unfortunately its going nowhere.
    ive already wasted 4 years doing courses and have got nothing out of it.

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