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EA’s press conference at GamesCom 2012 [Live updates]

EA’s press conference at GamesCom 2012 [Live updates]

Hey there fellow thirsty gamers! I will be covering EA’s GamesCom 2012 press conference and the Q&A session afterwards, writing down all big news in this post, which will be constantly updated with a timestamp above each line! While doing so, I’ll also try and make separate articles for each huge announcement made.

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Chilling music as the journalists get in the room

Announcement regarding the shutting down of electronic devices, as the conference is about to begin

A teaser of Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel played, consisting of cutscenes and minor gameplay

Executive producer Julian Bleak comes on stage to talk Visceral handling Army of Two

“Overkill is a new feature that lets you and your partner bring massive destruction to your enemies for a limited period of time. ”

Co-op live demo by Julian Bleak and another developer
- Gameplay looks extremely tight, more rewarding, and the game looks vastly cleaner. Frostbite 2 performs greatly, adding incredible depth to the gameplay.

Co-op  sequence involving Rios covering Salem from the sky aboard a helicopter, with the latter advancing on rooftops. The amount of destructability is tremendous.

Should be noted that split-screen co-op is available

We just witnessed a scene from the earlier teaser trailer, where the team takes down a chopper with a handgun. We also saw that a Limited Edition will be available. Army of Two’s time ends

SVP and GM of European Publishing Jens Uwe Intat and COO Peter Moore are opening the main part of the show.

NHL 13 GM Dean Richards just skated on stage. In a full body Cologne Sharks uniform

He is explaining how EA Sports has fundamentally changed how we play sports games, with cutting edge technology, and the licenses they have secured

“GM Connected is the biggest dynasty mode”, 30 teams, over 750 people at a time

“True performance skating captures the explosiveness, top end speed, momentum, and creativity of the world’s best hockey players. Real world speed and physics govern movement on the ice.

NHL 13 will also feature over a thousand new skating animations, including backward skating.

An NHL 13 demo will be available to play on Xbox 360 on August 21, 2012. PlayStation 3 players will get it one day later, on August 22.

The game lands on September 13. Crowd cheers as Richards exits, Most Wanted next down the line.

Over-the-top challenges and new modes present in this new trailer, with everything looking gorgeous

Executive Producer Matt Webster takes the stage

“We believe an open world game deserves an open world structure. If you can find it, you can drive it, no more grinding [...]”

Need for Speed Most Wanted will make use of Autolog 2 and a new CloudCompete function, making it the most socially-connected Need for Speed to date.

We’re now seeing a demo of Autolog/CloudCompete in action. Friends’ milestones and records are instantly visible upon pulling up to points of interest, like speed cameras and billboards. It will work on all consoles, including PS Vita and Android devices.

We’re now seeing some new features, like the scores popping out of the car on a small sign, looking neat and non-obtrusive

Most Wanted looks better than ever, and plays just as good. Frostbite’s inclusion steps the game up. Don’t forget you can watch the conference here:

The demo ends, and we’re continuing. The game will come on November 1.

Patrick Sunderland is on stage, talking Warfighter

Greg Goodrich is now on stage, after we learn Warfighter will apparently be on Battlelog

“We are placing gamers in the boots of today’s most elite warriors. Heroes vs heroes”

Nearly every country can be represented in the meta-game, on Battlelog

We’re now seeing a trailer for Fire Team, the game’s co-op mode

“Over 70 fire team combinations, over 15 real locations, over 35 map/mode combinations”

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is back, free to play on iOS, live on German appstore. Live over the next month in US. Apparently, Moore says the servers couldn’t handle the load, and that now it’s back, even bolder. We also saw a funny image of Bart writing that he will take care of servers from now on.

Trailer playing now.

“Over 21+ million users, with over 500 games and 50+ developers, Origin is evolving every day”

New platforms for Origin, like Facebook, Mac, Android and more, sharing gameplay, achievements, progress tracking, improvements on UI. “More reason to log on, whenever and wherever you want, from PC to mobile, free to play or not, it’s all on Origin”

SimCity’s time.

“SimCity lets you decide exactly what type of city to build: a casino playground, university town, industrial complex, etc. Your city reflects the decisions you make. ”

Many improvements, simulating all details, thanks to GlassBox Engine. “Build all the roads you want, but live with traffic consequences.”

You can play SimCity alone, with friends, or with the world (via the SimCity World feature).”A wider connected world, and a deeper singleplayer experience.” It is also coming to Mac, February 18.

Executive Producer Patrick Bach comes on stage to talk Battlefield 3.

End Game will bring motorcycles to Battlefield 3. Aftermath, available in December, will allow you to make use of modified military and civilian vehicles.

A Battlefield 3 Premium Edition has been announced. It will include the Battlefield 3 base game and Battlefield 3 Premium, plus a multiplayer welcome kit packed with in-game upgrades. It will be available this September, for 59.99€ and 69.99$ in Europe and North America respectively.

Armored Kill will include the largest map in Battlefield history, as well as a new game mode called “Tank Superiority.”

We also now got our first glimpse of Aftermath in the Premium Edition trailer. Quake-torn areas all over, true to Battlefield’s style.

Director of Creative Development Rasmsus Hojengaard comes on stage to talk Crysis 3, not before we see a brand new, awesome trailer, which also shows a couple more new enemies

Crysis 3′s turn, and we’re about to get a glimpse at the Hunter Mode

Hunter Mode supports up to 16 players at a time. There are two teams: a large group of CELL troopers, and a very small group of cloaked Hunters. The Hunters must fight to take down all CELL troopers before the timer runs out. Each CELL unit killed will respawn as a cloaked Hunter. Looks a bit like the traditional Infected mode, but with Crysis’ spin on it.

The mode starts with 2 Hunters and 14 CELLs

New York urban jungle at its finest, with the remains of a once-great city being overrun by huge flora. A captivating sight, achieved with CryEngine, of course.

General Manager of BioWare Austin Matthew Bromberg is on stage to talk The Old Republic. We all know the game is going free-to-play this fall, but Bromberg has more in store for us

Cartel Points are a new currency for previous subscribers, or new ones, plus we get the Terror from Beyond operation, along with several level 50+ space missions. A new warzone will be introduced for PvPers. We also got to see a new Grand Acquisition trailer, and a sneak peek at a new, live action trailer introducing us to the “next chapter” of The Old Republic, meaning free to play.

Dead Space 3 up next, my most anticipated EA game, personally

Drop-in/drop-out co-op is granted, along with a new weapon crafting system. “Players will gather raw materials and tool parts to create the perfect weapon.”

You can also enter a contest, named Tools of Terror, at and submit your dream weapon. The winner will have the weapon and their likeness into the game.

Producer Shariq Fatu (excuse possible mistakes on the name) is on stage, playing the game. We’re once more into Isaac’s boots, as he’s evacuating from his crashed ship.

Poor Isaac is being tormented, no love for him in the outer space.

The game will launch February 8 in Europe, and February 5 in North America.

“It’s happening again. Everyone is dying around me.”

EA SPORTS EVP Andrew Wilson is now on stage.

EA SPORTS will be partnering with online games giant Nexon to bring FIFA Online 3 to Korea. It will arrive later this year.

You can now access your Ultimate Team information at any time through the EA SPORTS mobile app or the FIFA website.

FIFA 13 Executive Producer David Rutter has come on stage. “No two matches will ever be the same”, he later said, regarding the evolution on FIFA.

Some interesting numbers regarding Ultimate Team and FIFA in general: 92 billion coins spent, 30 million trades, 380 million games, 1 billion matches in Seasons mode.

Challenges from the real world football season, along other improvements, will appear in FIFA 13.

Seasons will be expanding with a new 2v2 online co-op mode and persistent squad saves. Division titles will be available for all divisions. And there’s a new trophy cabinet! Add trophies to your collection as you progress through the game.

Football Club is also introducing Match Day. Hear real-world developments through FIFA’s in-game commentary. Match Day will also affect gameplay. In-game stats will reflect on-pitch performance. Fixtures will change based on what’s happening in the real world. This sounds exciting!

We’re now watching a new trailer, with gameplay looking as refined as ever, and the engine working wonders on collision and the like.

And with this, EA’s GamesCom presentation is over. Did we miss something? Did you miss something? Do you just want to watch it? A replay will be up at:! Thank you for reading all this, at Games Thirst!

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