Sunday, January 25, 2015
DmC pre-order bonuses and box art revealed

DmC pre-order bonuses and box art revealed

Capcom has revealed the box art of the latest Devil May Cry game, the reboot of the franchise, and has also given us an image showing what we’ll receive if we pre-order from Amazon. Enjoy the imagery below:


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  • nick

    sorry crapcom but thats pretty crappy box art!
    sigh, one day i wish crapcom and PG would put their differences aside and collaborate on a new DMC game!
    closest thing will ever get to the original team being back together!

  • Christos Chatzisavvas

    Nick, I think DMC has worst things going on for it than the box art… ;) Regardless, I’m getting it for the good-looking gameplay, but in my mind, that’s not a DMC game.

  • nick

    true, but that does not exactly excuse it.
    amazing how many companies do this though, i mean how much can the main character sitting on the front of the box tell the customer about the game?
    box arts are suppose to be eye catching, and also to try portray as much about the game as possible!
    that box art tells me it stars a stuck up punk, just by his looks thats just about all it says!

  • Christos Chatzisavvas

    To me, it says: it stars an angry teen and he brings destruction along with his unpleasant-to-look-at figure.

  • Ghost250

    to me it says: angry emo F**k who cuts himself because he sucks. god i hate what this game stands for. a shit dev that turned a good series into shit. courtesy of S**TCOM

  • narwall14

    well well ghost now you know how i feel when game devs screw over the vita