Capcom “Steeled” Themselves For DmC Reboot Lash Back, Says Original Style May Return In Future


It is no secret that a majority of Devil May Cry fans are utterly displeased with the game’s new direction, but Capcom said it prepared itself for the back lash, and said the game’s original style may just see a return in future games.

That’s what Motohide Eshiro and Hideaki Itsuno, speaking to Destructoid, said, adding that Capcom, in all the changes made to the beloved franchise, didn’t want to lose its core concept.

“We knew from the start that whenever you change something like this, there’s going to be some people that will be very interested in that. But it will also scare some people, and make some nervous. We kind of knew that going in, and we steeled ourselves for it,” Itsuno said.

“What we didn’t want to do is lose sight of our core concept. If you panic and change direction you might forget what you were trying to make to begin with and a lot of times that’s how bad games get worse. What we really needed to do is stick to it, and then wait until we could get the game in front of more people and get them to understand what it’s really about.

We’re just now starting to hit that point where we’re getting people to play, getting more information out there. People are starting to warm up to the idea.”

Itsuno wanted it to be clear that while the DmC reboot is definitely a new direction for the franchise, they’re not tossing out all the things that made the game great.

“We want to emphasize that we’re firm believers in that opening one door does not mean that another has to close automatically. We are leaving all options on the table, so to speak. We are excited about this new iteration of DmC and are eager to get this into your hands, and we want people to play it and enjoy it. If people are still interested in exploring the other world of DmC that exists, we’re happy to go back to that as well.

We view this not as a replacement for the Devil May Cry world, but as an expansion of it. No one knowa where it will head, but we’re open to all possibilities.”

Devil May Cry will be released on PS3 and Xbox 360, however no release date has been announced.

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2 Comments on "Capcom “Steeled” Themselves For DmC Reboot Lash Back, Says Original Style May Return In Future"

  1. Ghost250 July 15, 2012 at 4:46 pm -

    it may? no it should crapcom

  2. nick July 16, 2012 at 4:53 am -

    this is what i really cant understand though.
    they knew that the fans would line up the flaming catapults.
    so why did they do it?
    its almost like there just making the game that they want to make, fuck the fans, and to hell with how well it sells!
    is that what you really want?
    or is it that your heads stuck so far up your a$$ that you think DMC has few fans, so the change wont hurt the sales?
    knowing crapcom, and their greed, im going with the latter!

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