Sunday, February 1, 2015
Quenchables: Xbox 360 Is “Not So Good Anymore”

Quenchables: Xbox 360 Is “Not So Good Anymore”

“The 360, when announced was a pretty ridiculously cool device, but it is not so good anymore compared to PCs and even when it was announced PCs were still better than it. The technology was a little limiting for the size and scope of the world you could have. It mostly comes down to PCs being wide open.

Online game development is all about doing whatever you want, pushing limitations, and it’s just easier to do on an open platform. Someday, it may all change.” – The Elder Scrolls Online director speaking to Games Industry International about the possibility of a console version of the game not being possible on current generation. He is, however, hopeful for what PS4 and Xbox 720 might offer. The full interview is an informative piece. Read it here.

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    ahh psh, pc is kinda well is dorky in my opinion. I get alot guest over sometimes we get to together have some drinks play some games but cant see that with a pc.

  • benzo

    I agree with Shadowboxer to a degree. PC gaming seems more of a single player or online thing that a local LAN thing. But that could be due to lack of knowledge on my part.

  • narwall14

    pc is better than consoles because games wont die on the system with mods and other things about.


    dont really matter to me if pc is better, just saying its a bit geeky , even my girl agrees on that lol.

  • narwall14

    just because you don’t sit around like a retard on a ps3 or xbox does not make you “geeky” it just shows you prefer a different style of gaming and not all “girls” like ps3 and xbox yours just seem to like different things.Every one is entitled to their own opinion.

  • nick

    so the point of that was?
    i mean come on of course PCs are better than consoles, they always have been and always will be!
    problem is if your not printing money than its not exactly a viable way to go.
    not to mention that whenever a PC game releases its normally allot buggier than console versions.
    not to mention that your constantly having to screw around with drivers and OS updates.
    not to mention that your constantly having to wait longer for most games because developers release the PC version weeks if not months after!
    not to mention most people out there who play PC games have dual cards, and most games these days take 2 or so months for dual profiles to be released thus leaving the games unplayable.
    not to mention publishers dont give a flying fuck about the PC!
    i sent a support request to WB a few months ago about batman arkham city, i was having problems with exactly that, a SLI profile issue.
    i said my cards would not go above 30% usage and that was causing the game to struggle to get above 10FPS which is totally unplayable!
    im pretty disappointed how buggy the game is especially considering the delay from this and the console versions, what did rocksteady do with the extra few weeks?
    i had the ps3 version and had no issues with that.
    their response?
    were sorry your having trouble with the PC version of the game, but since you said you have the ps3 version please continue to use that.
    what the &^%$!?
    right, so just because i have the ps3 version it warrants to sell me the PC version that does not work?
    yea, this is exactly why im really wondering if its worth me getting a new gaming PC, or if i would be better putting the cash towards a new car.
    if that is how publishers are going to treat their customers than they can kiss my money goodbye!!!!!!!!!!


    Lol :-/ take it easy buddy , no need for drama over preferred “gaming styles”

  • narwall14

    nobody is flipping out over gaming style im just stating my thoughts on the matter

  • nick

    not drama, just pointing out that PC gaming is not as perfect as people would have you believe.

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