Thursday, September 4, 2014
Sony Sells 2.2 Million PS Vitas Worldwide, Admits To Marketing Failures

Sony Sells 2.2 Million PS Vitas Worldwide, Admits To Marketing Failures

Sony’s head of marketing in Germany Uwe Bassendowski has revealed that the firm’s sold 2.2 million Vitas worldwide, adding that they’ve failed to properly advertise the portable console.

According to Play Front, Bassendowski said at GamesCom that Sony had ignored advertising to the younger crowed, and error he said would now be reversed. He said the firm would now adjust the way they’ve advertised PS Vita, pushing for a stronger presence in the appropriate media in an effort to reach the said audience, all while pushing the console as the best portable machine ever created.

Hopefully with Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, Black Ops 2: Declassified, Killzone: Mercenary and more, sales of the flailing device will pick up.

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  • TheGrimOfDeath

    Killzone 3? I think you guys mean Killzone Mercenary.
    Also I don’t think that COD2 Declassified will help the Vita at all. The reason why is that the trailer at gamescom was very dissatisfying and pixelated also the developers are Nihilistic Software and Burning Skies wasn’t really that great. Multiplayer was bare, Storyline was weak and not that musch great dialogue. I think that COD2 Declassified will get 5-7 on reviews. What do you guys think? I just want to know so rant with all your might.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Thanks for the sharp eyes, Grim, I fixed that.

  • narwall14

    Death your right about cod vita 135%

  • nick

    so whats new?
    $ony has ALWAYS failed to “properly advertise” their products!
    every single time a new product releases a month or so shopping centers have previews of said products, and sometimes even in specific shops permanently.
    once the device is out EVERY store selling it has it on display to try!
    besides $ony stuff!
    was available to play 2 months before release for a full 6 week tour across the country!
    360 a little later but 6 weeks before launch and it lasted till launch.
    7 week tour across the country for 3 straight months!
    a month before launch across the country till launch.
    hell, its not only previews either $ony is lacking i can walk into any EB, JB, target, Kmart, bigW, any electronic store and try out the kinect, 360 or 3DS.
    wii use to be available until last year everyone took it down.
    vita and ps3?
    even TV adds, if i had a nickel for every new super mario 2 add just today alone id be the richest man alive!
    in fact the last advertisement for a $ony exclusive i saw was for uncharted golden abyss!
    6 freaking months ago!!!!!
    dunno whats wrong with $ony this gen, there doing EVERYTHING in their power to kill themselves!
    they treat their customers like shit, rip them through the a$$, dont advertise, are really slow for features and updates, dont have products for display or test.
    ps2 use to be the complete opposite, you use to be able to go into the main $ony central stores and even sit and play a game on their old cinema screens!
    thats all gone now.
    theve gone tight a$$ed!!!!!

  • Jason Bowen

    I believe they tried to do a bit too much. Somewhere between psp and vita would have worked better.