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Weekend Quencher 08/04/12

Weekend Quencher 08/04/12

See what Games Thirst team members are up to this weekend, including watching movies older than most of us, hanging out with loved ones and of course, playing videogames.

Christos Chatzisavvas: This weekend will be full of pew pew (Medal of Honor, War for Cybertron) and apocalyptic monster killing (Darksiders), together with a visit at the luna park with my one and only, and a special night dedicated to someone who was very special to me.

Martin Zamora: Gaming wise I will be playing Counter-Strike: Source on my computer, and eagerly awaiting the Planetside 2 beta to release. Otherwise I will be having a movie marathon with a friend of mine tomorrow, and enjoying time with my family on Sunday. Today I actually went to see *Total Recall* with a friend of mine, and ate dinner with her. The film was pretty solid, I never saw the original with Arnold Schwarzenegger though, so I don’t know how it compares.

Stephen Chapman: This weekend I will be committing Orc genocide in Orcs Must Die 2, also I will be streaming from my channel There may also be a chance to get some time with the game I have been waiting to play in what feels like forever. Lego Batman 2!

Ernice Gilbert: I’ll be playing some Killzone 3 this weekend for memories sake. I was one of the best on there so it’s only fitting I turn up the heat on the ISA scum every once and again. I’ll probably get into BF3 and later try out some demos. Also, can you guys believe I haven’t seen Dark Knight Rises? This won’t be the case tomorrow, as I plan on finally checking it out. Otherwise I’ll be doing some errands and spending quality time with my wife!

That’s our weekend, what about yours? Share it!

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  • nick

    ive got a bloody ball to go to in a few weeks time so ive spent the weekend looking for a new suit.
    god i hate cloths shopping its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boring!
    i might be starting a new job on tuesday too so im trying to get myself prepared for that, a little worried i dunno what to expect.
    getting my alienware M18X on monday too, so freaking excited cant wait to boot metro 2033 up!
    as for tonight im trying to plat portal 2, dunno why ive just had a sudden urge to play it again.
    maybe its because of the unsatisfying simplistic puzzles of inversion.
    dunno just as soon as i stopped playing that i went and bought portal 2.
    i wish valve would bring out a sequel, or buy the developers out and put them to work on another IP!
    just the writing of the game, the witty humour of GLaDoS and wheatley is superb!
    especially GLaDoS towards the end of the game when wheatley is constantly trying to insult you and GLaDos is just pointing out his stupidity.
    it was such a nice change and surprise from the faceless humourless emotionless characters were use too!
    i wish every game was like portal 2, just a little humour and sophistication can go a LONG way!
    portal 2s a perfect example of that!
    the puzzles are no where near as good as the original, overall the game is pretty mediocre especially compared to the original.
    but you just do not care because the characters are so brilliant!
    goes to show how important compelling characters are!

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