VT: Crucible Mode and New Game Plus Announced for Darksiders 2


It was announced today that a new gameplay mode will be introduced to Darksiders 2 named Crucible mode. Akin to Rachet and Clank’s Battleplex Arena, Crucible mode is an arena based game in which Death fights waves of enemies for loot. After every five waves Cargon (pictured above), the only entity who has completed the one hundred wave arena, will offer Death the options of taking the loot or risking five more waves for better equipment. The loot is randomly generated, and its quality is based around the difficulty of the waves. Keep in mind that if you fail to complete the five waves, you will receive no reward. As an incentive to playing Crucible mode in risk of not getting any loot, players will still gain experience from battling.

Here is a video of the mode:

Also announced is New Game+, which will allow players to carry over the skills and equipment they attained after completing the main game, to a new game.

Are there any players here who think they can complete the one hundred wave challenge? Comment below!

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4 Comments on "VT: Crucible Mode and New Game Plus Announced for Darksiders 2"

  1. nick August 7, 2012 at 6:17 am -

    nah, in all seriousness this is freaking sweet!
    SO much better than the lame useless “horde” mode so many games these days have added!
    this game will be the perfect example of whats wrong with gamers today!
    i hope im wrong, but i bet i wont be.
    this game has SO much content, content coming out of the wazoo!
    not only a long campaign, but now this and a game plus mode!
    so content is covered.
    graphics are fantastic!
    gameplay looks fantastic!
    basically said everything looks freaking awesome!
    so there is no reason why this should not break 5M units!
    its even the only game releasing this month besides sleeping dogs, and thats more of a advantage than a disadvantage because to be honest theres allot of previews saying it could go either way.
    the polish and attention to details not as high as darksiders 2!
    so this wont sell well, take the exact same game and slap COD death revisited and watch it skyrocket to set all time sales records!
    its sad how much control a simple name has over sales these days!

  2. Ernice Gilbert August 7, 2012 at 6:31 am -

    Bring it, eh? That darn thing seems difficult!

  3. benzo August 7, 2012 at 8:25 am -

    Adding replay value at the expense of my mental well being…I LOVE IT!!! More value for my $$

  4. nick August 7, 2012 at 9:30 am -

    thats the point!
    nice to see a game challenging us, rather than babysitting us!
    i miss the good old days where i finished a game actually meant something!
    every developer needs to take a slice out of team meats book!
    freaking love super meat boy!!!!!

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