Sony Talks About Creating New IPs At The End Of A Console Cycle

_the last of us e3

When it comes to taking risks, Sony’s number one. That’s especially true in the games business, as not many other firms would dare to introduce new IPs at the end of a console cycle. Sony introduced not one, but two new intellectual properties in less than a year: The Last Of Us and Beyond: Two Souls, and the firm’s open up about its strategy.

“It is absolutely critical [to create new ideas],” PlayStation CEO Andrew House told MCV.

“We’ve always felt that the strength of our platform has been a kind of symbiotic relationship between the platform being created and strengthened by new experiences. And then that reinforcing the strength and one hopes the longevity of the platform overall.

I’ve heard conventional wisdom in the industry that says – and it is kind of like an American presidency – that the first two years in a lifecycle is the only chance to innovate with a new audience.

We take a different view. It is part of the role of a platform holder to have the confidence and to make the investment where necessary to show that six years into a lifecycle, there is a significant audience that is going to actively peruse new IP. And the onus on that is to deliver on those expectations.”

Both Beyond: Two Souls and The Last Of Us are expected to see releases exclusively on PS3.

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3 Comments on "Sony Talks About Creating New IPs At The End Of A Console Cycle"

  1. benzo June 20, 2012 at 6:49 pm -

    They did the same thing with God Of War on the PS2. It gets good momentum going for the next gen release of the game as well as the potential to draw new people to the console as prices drop. Good strategy in my opinion.

  2. nick June 21, 2012 at 5:55 am -

    its a great idea for the ps3, but im not so sure a good idea.
    its just 2 awesome games and 2 new IPs that could really make the launch of the ps4!
    id hate to see these 2 release and make the ps3 more popular, and $ony has the same launch with the ps4 as they did ps3 and vita!
    i just hope ND and quantic dream have other things in the pipeline for the next system.

  3. CaribbeanCLANK June 21, 2012 at 8:40 am -

    I am sure the 2 games will do well as they both seem to have drawn positive attention. And we have now solid ideas as to the release dates of the next gen of consoles.

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