Sunday, September 7, 2014
Microsoft: Xbox 360 Is The Best Core Games Console

Microsoft: Xbox 360 Is The Best Core Games Console

Although its exclusive roster tell otherwise, Microsoft contends it’s completely focused on the core gamer, as it’s the core of their audience, and that Xbox 360 is the best core games console available on the market today.

“Microsoft absolutely recognises the core gamer as exactly what it says; it is the core of our audience,” 343 Industries’ franchise development director Frank O’Connor told Videogamer in an interview.

“That’s the funny thing about E3. It’s a game show, so the articles tend to reflect the gamer perspective. The reality is that the SmartGlass stuff, and some of the Kinect stuff, and even the browser are all things that I am – and I’m saying this without any sort of corporate veneer – they’re things that I’m absolutely ecstatic about.”

Gamers have constantly bashed Microsoft for neglecting its core audience to instead focus of other experiences in an effort to turn the Xbox platform into a hub for all things entertainment, but Microsoft says that’s simply not true. In fact, according to MS, these additions only enhance the overall experience of the service, giving gamers a variety of things to choose from, because after all, gamers consume a lot of content.

“I can’t understand how anyone would see having a fast, properly specced browser on their TV as a bad thing,” continued O’Connor, “and the ability to control it with SmartGlass takes care of all my other problems with that concept, which is now that I have a keyboard and a simple way to navigate.

The problem is, the Xbox does so much more than just core games, that when you start talking about stuff that isn’t core games then core gamers are going to feel like they’re having their information siphoned off. But that’s not the case, Microsoft is absolutely focused and balanced on providing stuff for core gamers.”

To close, O’Connor pinned Xbox 360 as the best core games console on the market: “And it’s still the best core gaming console, in my opinion,” he said. “But that’s because I really like Halo and it’s exclusive. We’re making a core game for the core audience.”

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  • Ghost250

    XD microsoft you make laugh


    xbox does have good games, so does sony but if i had to pick i would go for the xbox.

  • benzo

    I have to go with Sony….tons of exclusives and good entertainment content. But Sony is focusing on being a gaming console first and foremost. Xbox wants to be a cable box.


    fair enough, i love sony games too…a cable box? yeah i guess so with all the apps they have like ufc, hockey,soccer channels etc..and of course all the dumb ads lol
    but beyond all that the xbox has fun games that i prefer then the playstation.

  • benzo

    Fair enough Shadowboxer. You are openminded and respect others opinions, thats cool in my book! And I still play my Gears and Halo,but Sony franchises have been my favs since PS1 days! And the ads are SUPER ANNOYING lol

  • narwall14

    i going for sony, xbox is just to uptight for me just saying


    I remember the ps1 and loved it! still have it somewhere in the house along with some ol classic games lol, and yeah gears and halo are still gud to play once in awhile, halo is wat sold me into xbox.
    other then that Both are good systems !

  • nick

    of course they do!
    there totally for the core gamer!
    thats why they bought rare, one of the biggest best studios in the world!
    and restricted them to crappy kids games!

  • nick

    also what the ^%#@ happened to alan wake 2?
    remedy revealed on their twitter account the morning of M$s E3 presser that they were working on it but they still have not shown jack!