Monday, May 13, 2013
Thirsty Conversations: What’s More Important, Graphics Of Fun?

Thirsty Conversations: What’s More Important, Graphics Of Fun?

In a recent interview, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto said that people are starting to miss the point of videogames. He said it should be more about fun than how powerful a console is, and the kind of visuals it can display. According to him, the latter’s what Nintendo spends a lot time researching, not how beautiful a game looks.

Not that he’s saying visuals aren’t important, Miyamoto simply believes that at the end of the day, fun trumps all else.

“In today’s living room, where there are a lot of HDTVs, but they’re not yet mostly 3D TVs, I think the console is certainly adequately powerful to create gaming experiences that will look really good on those displays,” Miyamoto told IGN.

“But whenever we talk about who’s winning in a power competition, I think it’s easy to lose sight of whether a game is fun or not. Which is certainly going to be more important to me.”

He added: “The cost to performance ratio is something we do spend a lot of time thinking about.

If the conversation is only really about whether the power is going to match up to another generation of hardware from, say, Sony or Microsoft, I can’t answer that question yet. [Wii U] might not be as powerful as those systems when they eventually do come around.

But I think that the more important question is – It’s not just about power alone, but how to balance what you’re offering in terms of power with cost.”

So here’s the big question: What’s more important to you, graphics or fun?

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  • Ghost250

    Gameplay is always more important than graphics


    both :)

  • benzo

    i have to go with gameplay. At the end of the day, if I wanted to look at a pretty picture I would buy a $4 magazine…not a $60 game.

  • nick

    no, hes missing the point!
    people are concerned about the wiiu simply because if its not going to offer a significant leap in technology than whats the point?
    if graphics are so irrelevant than why are you releasing a new system?
    a new system is not going to magically make games more fun!
    only thing its going to do, or should do, is increase the scope of what the developers can do with it!
    if anything power is what makes games fun!
    those big epic set pieces from uncharted would not be possible if the system was not as powerful.
    so that would of made the uncharted series half as fun!
    ninty STILL dont get it!
    they lost ALLOT of fans because companies have pushed forward and innovated instead of sticking with the same old same old.
    ninty just refuse to move on!
    hell if it was up to ninty we would still be using steam powered trains!
    its the 21st century, its about freaking time you stopped holding the industry back, and started helping push it forward!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Comment of the week, Nick.

  • nick

    what allot of people fail to understand is raw power brings ALLOT more than pretty graphics!
    you really think we would of been able to have the massive epic boss battles from GOW3 on ps2?
    raw power brings so much more than pretty graphics!
    it brings larger levels, better AI, more advanced physics simulations, better lighting effects just to name a few.
    ALL those things can have a MASSIVE effect on how “fun” a game is!
    would GOW3 of been half as fun if the boss battles were he size they were in GOW2?
    hell no!

  • nick

    hes point that gameplay is more important than graphics is right, a fun enjoyable game is FAR more important than a good looking game!
    which is exactly why i did not like GOW3, and prefer uncharted 3 to uncharted 2.
    and infamous to infamous 2.
    but his argument is mute!

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