Friday, December 5, 2014
DICE Developing Battlefield Game For PS Vita?

DICE Developing Battlefield Game For PS Vita?

A new job listing give clues that lead towards DICE developing a Battlefield game for handheld consoles. A great fit for Vita, we believe.

The hints come courtesy of three job ads posted on EA’s career website, each revealing that DICE is searching for “handheld” programmers to help “expand [the studio’s products] outside the HD platforms and deliver the same quality experience on mobile devices.”

“You will be part of a small team within a major franchise responsible for the development and growth of DICE’s presence on mobile platforms,” demands the ad.

One specific ad goes as far as stating that the chosen candidate will “design, develop and support online features such as authentication, matchmaking, server browser, statistics, etc. for DICE’s future products”.

The prospective employee will be responsible for “all aspects of the user interface concerning the application front-end, e.g., End-of-Round Screens, score boards, server browsers, etc.”

Making clear that the game will also be released on iOS and Android platforms, the ad also states development experience on at least one of the aforementioned platforms is paramount.

Thanks, Videogamer.

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  • narwall14

    please dont be shitty please dont be shitty please dont be shitty please dont be shitty please dont be shitty :(

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    IT MUST BE AS EPIC AS THE CONSOLE COUNTER-PARTS. 12VS12. THAT IS GOING TO BE THE REAL VITA GAME TO BUY. IMAGINE! Just please no shitty “touch-screen” and “back-touch screen” uses, just a full BF game. Maybe even BF2143!

  • narwall14

    i would have sex with my vita if they pulled that off

  • sexyboywithavita

    I highly doubt it

  • M1mass

    they will make a battlefield for psvita becaus with battlefield 4 coming soon theyll make a battlefield for psvita and with a call of duty for psvita their not going to just sit there and watch call of duty rule the first person handheld market.

  • cwolff1

    This was probably just in reference to the commander mode brought back in BF4 which uses tablets (handhelds as they said) I really wish something would come to Vita in the Battlefield series but I’m doubting it.