Thursday, May 9, 2013
DICE Thinks Battlefield 3 Has Finally Arrived In Terms Of Quality, Admits They “Can’t Win”

DICE Thinks Battlefield 3 Has Finally Arrived In Terms Of Quality, Admits They “Can’t Win”

DICE boss Patrick Bach now thinks Battlefield 3′s quality is where it should have been upon release, admitting that they should have shipped the game six months later, and that no matte what they do to make the game better, they simply “can’t win”.

“Of course, three months before shipping, I would have loved to have said, f*** it, let’s ship it six months later. But you can’t do that when you’re that close,” Bach told Eurogamer in an interview. “In a case such as this, what we tried to do was make sure the game was good enough when we shipped it, and then post launch we have been updating it quite a bit, and also releasing these expansion packs, which also fix stuff in the game. There is definitely stuff I want to do better, but then again that’s why I always try to make things better.”

Making the case for Battlefield 3′s quality, Bach said although he believes it’s to a point where fans shouldn’t be complaining much, especially after the last patch, he said some gamers still have issues, and nothing they do will suffice.

“It’s such a complicated game,” he confessed. “I don’t know how many guns we have in the game. It’s plenty. Then, together with all the vehicles, maps, and gadgets, they all need to work perfect on all maps, and it needs to work the same on all maps. While many gamers have taken a liking to the new patch, others have produced mixed results. I’ve heard some people say, I didn’t notice any difference. And I’ve heard people say, it was good, now you broke it. So when you say that, it’s a bit like, this is the patch that made the game complete. But is that a good thing or bad thing compared to the other people who didn’t notice anything, or say we broke it? We can’t win.”

In the end, though, Bach is just happy that the fans trust DICE enough to give the developer a second, and even a third chance at making BF3 the best possible game it can be.

“I love the fact they notice the differences and the changes we made and approve of it, they get why we did this and that, because we spent a lot of energy looking at all the numbers. We didn’t have all those numbers when we shipped. We didn’t know about all the balancing issues. What I’m proud of is people trust us to stay in the game so when we release the patch they’re still playing and can actually enjoy the result of the patch. In some games you never get a second chance, you never get the chance to do your first patch.

To me it’s trusting us to improve. I want to improve and do better, and it feels like our fans are actually aware of that.”

The game will see its next batch of DLC release in June. Dubbed Close Quarters Combat, it’ll first be released on PS3, then one week later on Xbox 360 and PC.

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    @Ernice , hey is there any info on the winner of the beta key yet?

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Shadowboxer, We’ll update the post later today. I’ve have Saint do it. Sit tight. :D


    Okay thanks haha i thought you guys forgot about us,

  • nick

    DICE seriously screwed up on BF3!
    i honestly cant understand how it turned out how it did with all the testing it had!
    it had closed alpha trials for months on end, closed beta trials for months on end, open beta trials, honestly i cant think of any game that has had the community behind the scenes helping balance the game before release!
    and thanks to that its by far the most unbalanced MP ive ever played!
    sorry to say it DICE but this game SCREAMS rushed!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Agreed. This was definitely rushed out the gate…

  • nick

    picked this up again today since i finally got my new speakers set up and wanted to give them a try and since this is by far the best sound effects game out there.
    my god they sound freaking amazing!
    quite disappointed actually the lowest they go is so loud you can hear them from outside.
    poor dogs still barking!
    might have to find a stereo adapter tomorrow see if i can lower them a bit more, never thought id say this but there too loud!

  • nick

    subs so powerful i have my ps3 sitting on top of it and i can see my ps3 vibrate!
    now i know what the saying enough bass shake your fillings lose means.

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