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Weekend Quencher 01/14/12 – Teamwork, Edition

Weekend Quencher 01/14/12 – Teamwork, Edition

Have you ever played a shooter with a group of guys who seemingly know NOTHING about teamwork? I usually quite these selfish, self-serving little jokes squad. If you game on the Saturdays, you’ve more than likely experienced it. It’s the weekend, guys, what are you up to?

It’s a long weekend this one, however I won’t be doing much. I’ve got some business tasks to handle so I’ll be knee-deep there, but other than that, I’m free to game so join me: Maestro-GTUnit (PSN), Maestro GTUnit on Xbox Live.

But back to the topic of teamwork. I’ve seen the same thing happen in Killzone 3, Call of Duty and almost every other shooter I’ve played, so this is not unique to Battlefield 3, however DICE’s game’s the focus of this discussion.

This happens most times in either Rush or Conquest: you’re hundreds of yards away from your destination, one guy’s manning either a buggy or another vehicle that could fit about three soldiers. The simple action would be to stop for your teammate so you could reach and complete the objective quicker – but NO, I’m a lone ranger, let me do this all alone! Ah, how annoying.

So you ran all the way to the objective, you’re trying to arm a charge in game mode Rush, two teammates are there but instead of protecting the surroundings they all try to plant the charge with you! Result? Death, of course.

Guys, why can’t we all work together? Smh.

Anyway, have a great weekend, folks. Don’t forget to share what you’re up to.

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  • ExclusivesMostly

    I played several game demos this weekend, the most unique one so far is “Sideway”. Very Original.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I tried out FFXIII-2 and briefly touched Asura’s Wrath on the demo side of things, but mostly played BF3 with some Games Thirst members. Awesome stuff.