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Weekend Quencher 05/13/11 – War, Edition

This week was a very momentous one for gaming. We had the usual Sony PSN hack news overflow, leaks of epic proportions, the reveal of a very big PS3 exclusive, and the mother of all leaks, Modern Warfare 3 detail overkill. In fact, I think we should title this WQ thread “Leak Edition”, and the only reason we didn’t do so is because there’s something bigger at hand: War.

It’s the weekend of May 13th, Gamesthirst, the gaming world’s ready for war, but as for me, I’m ready for Fast Five.

Ever since ExclusivesMostly’s recommendation, I’ve heard more and more of my friends deeming it as not only watch-worthy, but a must see. I’ll be doing that tomorrow night.

But back to the “war”. I must admit, Battlefield 3 seems like a winner and I hope it is. I really do. I’ll buy that game and I’m sure many of us will be playing online together. But before DICE decided to turn things up, there was Modern Warfare – and that game basically set the stage for what we have today. Call of Duty is now the biggest game in the world, and it sits there for a reason. But what I don’t like is the constant bashing of all things COD by, dare I say it, butt hurt Battlefield fanboys.

They troll gaming sites comments section looking for Call of Duty threads to spread their trash about how they don’t like the game, and how it’ll flop, and how this year belongs to BF3. Whatever. We haven’t seen nothing of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, yet people are dishing out blinded opinions. I say let’s wait for Call of Duty and then we can talk. But I’m sure even when MW3 is officially shown and manages to blow all else out the water, fanboys will still cry foul…..Cry me a river, then, but let’s all be realistic and reasonable.

If BF3 kills MW3, I’ll be the first to spread the news, but if not, I’ll also be the first to let it be known.

By the way, what are you up to this weekend, any big plans?


  1. Fri, 13th May 2011 at 9:01 pm

    You are dishing out blinded opinions of MW 3 by saying that EA has spoken to early, and you are making these statements by only looking at screen shots. Also, the Call of Duty kids do the same as the BF kids and by reading what you wrote, you come off as a COD fanboy. Also, Before COD decided to step it up and go modern, DICE did it with Battlefield 2, which is still considered one of the best pc shooters.

  2. Fri, 13th May 2011 at 9:08 pm

    Ah, the guys know me on here, I play more Killzone than anything, and I’ll play any game that’s good. I’m just stating facts. And how do I come off as blinded by saying EA spoke too early? They did speak too early. How can you say yours is best without seeing another? You have to wait and see what the competition has first, and then make judgments….Funny, cause everyone was yelling at Crytek, including me, for speaking lofty things, yet NO one’s saying nothing of DICE when all they’ve shown us is PC footage.

    And again, the guys know me here. Far from fanboy….far less a COD fanboy.

  3. Fri, 13th May 2011 at 9:22 pm

    the reason why they have only shown pc footage is because Battlefield is first and foremost a pc game, and DICE will always show love to the pc guys when it comes to the main Battlefield series. I took what DICE said with a grain of salt before they released the first video, and people talked about how it has a lot to do to beat COD until that first video, but here comes COD with a few leaked screen shots and all the people come out talking how EA spoke to soon and with no footage. EA has not spoken to soon until there is some in-game video footage. Speaking to soon implies that what they said has been disproved, but it has not because a few little photos does not disprove what they said. When the first video releases and shows graphics as good as Battlefield 3, I will be the first to say that EA spoke to soon.

  4. Fri, 13th May 2011 at 9:31 pm

    You logic is flawed, Josh. EA spoke to soon. You cannot judge what you haven’t seen. Also, what do you mean Battlefield is first and foremost a PC game? I know it’s a game that first came out on PC, but now they’ve brought it to consoles – so show us some footage. The real reason behind this is to build hype that it’s the best looking shooter out there. Call of Duty used to be a PC game, remember? Infinity Ward were first PC developers – but they always show us console footage of the COD games…. Like I said, if COD turns out to be weak, I’ll broadcast it, in the meantime, though, I won’t be playing judge.

  5. Fri, 13th May 2011 at 9:39 pm

    you keep telling me not to judge until i see gameplay footage, but you are judging it. You are judging that it is going to look good. I have not even judged it. I just said that it is screen shots that look staged and I want to see gameplay footage. I am not saying that it is going to look good or bad. I am holding my judgment for the actual footage and then i will make my judgment on EA and if they spoke too soon. Also, the studio working on Battlefield 3 is the one that made Battlefield 2. The Bad Company series was made by a different DICE studio that is why i am saying that Battlefield 3 not bad company is for pc first and foremost.

  6. Fri, 13th May 2011 at 9:47 pm

    Whoa. Bring it! Anyway, this weekend, I’ll be chilling with friends and I might go see that movie you guys are so excited about.

    Other than that, I’m waiting for PSN’s return.

  7. Fri, 13th May 2011 at 9:47 pm

    And? Again, it does not show footage. I will hold my judgment for true gameplay footage.

  8. Sat, 14th May 2011 at 8:23 am

    EA has not spoken to soon, ok we have not seen any MW3 footage yet but if it looks better then BF3 ill eat my hat!
    im sorry, DICE are and always have been about bringing out the best games!
    IW well, only game they released thats note worthy are MW1 and 2.
    DICE have a much better reputation, so you can make the basic assumption that BF3 will be better then MW3.
    no we have not seen it, but its just a basic assumption.
    its like saying a ferrari would be faster then a suzuki.
    even if you dont know any specs, its just a assumption based on prior history.
    COD has done NOTHING to innovate the genre, where DICE have done everything!
    if anyone has anything to prove its IW, especially after the heads debacle and half the studio leaving!

  9. Sat, 14th May 2011 at 8:37 am

    “No we have not seen it, but its just a basic assumption. Its like saying a ferrari would be faster then a suzuki.”

    Wow. The boasts.

    What are you doing this weekend, btw?

  10. Sat, 14th May 2011 at 9:06 am

    Wow, it’s a little heated on here. I like it though.
    I’ll sum it up for you guys IMHO: COD will sell more but BF3 will look and play better. As I said before, time will be the judge.
    As for this weekend, I’ll be cleaning my car (replacing seat covers, etc)
    Gaming wise, I’m not sure yet…I find something though.

  11. Sat, 14th May 2011 at 9:21 am

    @ExclusivesMostly: It’s the “war” edition so it’s supposed to be heated, right? lol. Nice to hear you’re giving the car a nice little overhaul there… You drive a lot of NYC?

  12. Sat, 14th May 2011 at 11:34 am

    been out all day, city then dinner with the family.
    tomorrow i wanna stay home and get some work done, whether that happens or not though………

  13. Sat, 14th May 2011 at 12:24 pm

    Have fun! but do your work….:)

  14. Sat, 14th May 2011 at 2:11 pm

    @Ernice: yeah i drive a lot.

  15. Sun, 15th May 2011 at 6:05 am

    KZ3 tonight, ExclusivesMostly and all your guys, PSN is back on…

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