Video Thirst: Watch John Carmack’s QuakeCon 2012 Keynote

If you missed out on QuakeCon, there’s no need to worry because John Carmack’s entire keynote is now available online, and below the break.

According to Nick, Carmack confirmed that they already have next-gen consoles developer kits.

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Ernice Gilbert here. Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Gamesthirst. Thanks for stopping by, make yourself at home!

2 Comments on "Video Thirst: Watch John Carmack’s QuakeCon 2012 Keynote"

  1. nick August 5, 2012 at 4:27 am -

    disappointed bugthesda would not let him talk a bit more about their internal development that would of been really interesting!
    its a shame he did not talk much about AI though.
    he spent so much time harping on graphics, cloud gaming, ray tracing, ect, ect but he did not spend much time talking about things that will actually be in next gen.
    ray tracing, well, put it this way.
    a 5 thousand dollar PC struggles to run a tech demo in 720P for crying out loud, let alone a whole game!
    so yea its going to be a while till we see ray tracing in our games.
    i really wanted to see him talk allot more about AI, because actually thats one of the things that RAGE did so well!
    as i said in my review it was so cool how enemies reacted differently depending on how and where there shot, and reacted to what your doing.
    you just dont see that in todays games!
    destructable environments, post processing effects, lens flare, lighting effects, texture detailing, antai ailising would of been really interesting topics to go down too.
    next year i think he needs to pick x number of topics and give a brief overview of why there worth talking about than talk about how they could help.
    instead of picking 3 and spending a hour on them!
    the VR is cool, but he spent way too much time talking about it!
    we dont care who made it, all we care about is that it actually works!
    interesting to see how it progresses, i just hope that it gets both the developer support and manufacturing support!
    VR technology has been available for SOOOOOOOOOO long now!
    but no one has bothered with it, so thats why im really worried about it.
    how do we know occulus rift will launch and start off the industry?
    instead of releasing and being the usual gimmick, cool, amazing, works really well, but theres so little software and manufacturing push behind it it falls flat on its face!
    3D gaming for instance, last year $ony was pushing it so god dam hard!
    this year though, well, its almost like it does not exist any more!
    i really hope occulus is different, i hope that it comes out and is as awesome and amazing as everyone thinks it will be!
    and i really hope there will be the manufacturing support, and the software to make it the industry standard.
    seems like hes really sceptical too because as kept saying this IS NOT a consumer device!
    just makes it sound like hes not too confident it will be getting the backing and advancement it needs to replace peoples TVs.
    or at least be accompany with them!
    i really hope it does. we have been chasing VR for so long now!
    but, yea, lately were not exactly well known for making amazing new technology stick.
    unfortunately we have developed the its good enough attitude.
    that REALLY needs to change!

  2. nick August 5, 2012 at 10:24 pm -

    you know whats really depressing?
    the last few weeks i have been watching a show called beyond tomorrow.
    it was originally filmed and shown in 03 but for some reason they decided to start showing the repeats again.
    every eppisode they show technology of the future, be it houses, cars, TVs, boats, whatever!
    and they always say when its expected to be released.
    every single one has a time frame, most have been 5-7 years.
    were in 2012, a full 9 years after this show was made, a full 2-4 years after the technology should of been available!
    and how much of it is available?
    pretty much none!
    for instance, yesterday they were showing cars that turn into speed boats so you can race them around the lake.
    than when your done it turns back into your average sports roadster.
    they said the technology will be available in 08, 4 years ago.
    what happened to it?
    its so depressing!
    ever since next gen systems, bluray, HD TVs, digital radio, digital TV released technology advancements have just halted!
    why have we suddenly changed from pushing the boundaries, bringing tomorrows technology today.
    to eh its good enough, things not advancing for 5,6,7,8,9,10 years!

    it made me cry a few months ago when top gear had the NASA moon buggy on the show.
    they spent tens of millions of dollars on the vehicle, and now they have cut funding and it will never be sent to the moon!
    what a waste!
    whats the point of building something to then sit it in the garage?
    especially something so expensive!
    yea the world is in recession and spare dollars are not exactly in abundance, but not spending any money, and not advancing technology and investing in things is not exactly going to help the problem!
    as the saying goes you have to spend money to make money!
    $ony for instance their TV sales have plummeted its causing them to loose ridiculous amounts of money!
    so imagine how much money they would make if they released the worlds best VR with head tracking and a massive 90 degree field of view!?
    instead of releasing that old dated technology head mounted display they did release.
    everyones just sitting on their hands hoping billions of dollars will fall out of the sky!
    either that or their hoping by bringing outdated technology that will bring in the bucks.
    theres plenty of money out there, but the problem is no one is willing to work for it!
    if $ony released something like the occulus rift they would be swimming in money by now!
    but no they dident, they held back and created something cheaper.
    and what did that do for them?

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