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Video Review: Portal 2

by Joseph Garrett on April 28th, 2011, under Valve, Video Reviews

I believe that in life, things are better late than never. So while silly British postmen’s inability to get me Portal 2 when it was released, means this video is very late, hopefully it may still be of some use. This is Joshua’s written review bought to life with voiceover and HD gameplay footage.

Games Thirst Homefront Multiplayer Video Review

Hey guys, we have a surprise for you today. Introducing yet another addition to the site, Games Thirst video features. The first will be a review of Homefront’s multiplayer brought to you by our new video editor, Joe Garrett. Make him feel welcome.

It’s the first of many features Joe will be helming, so you can expect more video reviews, previews and special features coming soon. The game’s single player review will also go live on the site today, handled by our very own Joshua Tompkins.

So without further delay, enjoy.

Video Thirst: Cinematic Judgment – Street Fighter 1994

by Colton West on January 15th, 2010, under Cinematic Judgment, Videos

Well here it is. The pilot episode of Cinematic Judgment where I subject myself to the Jean Claude Van-Damm and Raul Julia disaster-piece ‘Street Fighter.’ The movie is terrible and really takes it’s toll on me as you can see from the look of wreck on my face.