Thursday, August 14, 2014

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Quenchables: THQ could be de-listed from Nasdaq stock exchange

THQ could be de-listed from Nasdaq stock exchange

Publisher must boost its share price above $1 by July 23. THQ is staring down the barrel of a Nasdaq de-listing after its shares failed to climb above $1 for 30 consecutive days, reports MCV. $1 is the minimum level required for continued listing in the Nasdaq, and THQ now has 180 days to address the issue. During this period ... Read More »

Quenchables: Homefront Ultimate Edition Incoming


THQ’s made mention in its latest release schedule of something called Homefront: Ultimate Edition. The firm didn’t give any details, but we can assume it’ll include all DLC already released as part of the package. Homefront 2 is currently under development at Crytek for a FY2014 launch. Thanks, EG. Read More »

Did Homefront Predict The Death Of Kim Jong-IL?


Videogames have these weird coincidences which happens all the time. It’s first predicted in a videogame, then it plays out in the real world. The latest, though, is the closest a game’s gotten to prophecy, as North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-Il has died. THQ’s Homefront predicted this very thing. Read More »

Homefront Ships 2.6 Million, MP Demo Confirmed

THQ’s shipped an incredible amount of Homefront units, exacting to 2.6 million. The game’s profitable, says the publisher, and it expects to sell 3 million in lifetime sales. Elsewhere, we’re getting confirmation of a multiplayer demo for the game and lots of DLC. Read More »

Homefront Beats Crysis 2 In Sales

That game Homefront. It simply won’t die. Doesn’t matter how many times critics knock the Kaos Studios-developed shooter, it keeps on placing high on game sales charts across the west. Even the mighty Crysis 2 from Crytek couldn’t kick Homefront down, and taking a closer peek at the aforementioned two, we realize Homefront’s doing much better, and that’s while being ... Read More »

Homefront Sells 1 Million, 2.6 Million Shipped Worldwide

The wise move when THQ shareholders started selling the company’s stock because of poor Homefront reviews would have been to buy shares immediately, as it will definitely bounce back. Many reasons to do so, but the main one is Homefront’s success. The game’s already sold well past 1 million units according to publisher and IP owner THQ, but even better, ... Read More »