Friday, July 4, 2014
THQ To Be Auctioned Off In Parts

THQ To Be Auctioned Off In Parts

EA, Warner Bros. Ubisoft all want piece of the pie.

And it’s a good-looking pie indeed! As franchises like Metro, Darksiders, Homefront and the biggest, Saints Row will be up for grabs.

Sad, isn’t it?

The firm is now being auctioned off piece-by-piece because shareholders were dissatisfied with THQ’s upper echelon, who were hoping to look over a swift sale of all THQ’s assets to Clearwater Capital. A suit was filed and the shareholders won, forcing the firm to now sell its assets piece-by-piece.

Distressed Debt Investing is now reporting that THQ’s assets will go up for auction on January 22nd, with interested parties being able to bid for individual titles.

“Parties have come to agreement: THQ auction now on Jan 22nd,” said Distressed Debt Investing. “The auction will allow for piecemeal (“title by title”) sales of THQ assets.”

DDI added: “EA, a potential buyer of certain titles has completed site visits.”

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  • Ghost250

    all i gotta say is 2K will probably sweep in an snatch saints row up. maybe darksiders too. i don’t think they would want any other major sandbox style games cutting into their profit. i would do that if i was 2K. EA will probably get company of heroes, ehh Metro is like a toss up anyone would make sense to pick that up

  • nick

    poor THQ!
    so sad to see the franchises being split up and sent to different places, i was really hoping they would stay together at 1 house.
    oh well, hopefully they can put this behind them, and fingers crossed every franchise continues and goes untouched and unchanged!
    not that thats going to happen………..