Thursday, August 14, 2014
No “Shitty” Darksiders Sequel This Year

No “Shitty” Darksiders Sequel This Year

Rest easy, Benzo.

That’s right, for those thinking that the Darksiders IP would go down the stinker after Nordic Games bought the it at THQ’s Auction sale, Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors wanted to reassure you that they’re not into making rubbish games, and won’t start the trend with a precious IP like Darksiders.

That’s what Wingefors made clear to GameInformer recently, adding that games take time to make, and we’ll see nothing of from Darksiders this year.

We’ll be sitting down, I think, in the next week to discuss all those options. It takes a very long time to make games. You won’t see a new Darksiders this year. I don’t believe in bringing out a shitty sequel.

Reassured yet? I think it’s a good sign.

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  • MrSlmO

    Hey Lars Wingefors so far you’re on my good side.. :)

  • sighman

    Who’s benzo.
    Lars better not “fuck” this up!