Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Kaos Was Forced To Us North Korea As Enemy In Homefront

Kaos Was Forced To Us North Korea As Enemy In Homefront

Kaos Studios is now canned, so the former employees can say how they really feel and what really happened. Well, one has been speaking to Gamasutra.

The source, who wanted to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the situation, told the industry site that former THQ head Danny Bilson gave them all the resources necessary to make the game a success, but they didn’t deliver.

“[Bilson] got very involved during the middle of our production. I really can’t slam the guy… He gave us a great opportunity and all the resources to accomplish it. We didn’t exactly deliver,” said the source.

In fact, the only decision that Kaos and THQ couldn’t reconcile was North Korea being the antagonist nation. It apparently was demoralizing to the devs.

Read the entire article on the Gamasutra link up top.

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  • nick

    wow…… thats sad!
    its a real shame homefront did not do well, it had a really cool unique concept!
    id actually love to see yager studios the guys who did spec ops the line do a sequel.
    there really good at telling a dramatic story so maybe they can finally do the homefront series justice!