Crytek Buys Homefront IP, Says New Game Will “Excite And Amaze” Gamers


In the wake of THQ’s fall, Crytek has emerged as the new owner of the Homefront IP, and says the new game, Homefront 2, will “excite and amaze” gamers.

Crytek CEO, Cevat Yerli, said:

Since we first reached an agreement to develop Homefront 2, we’ve been firm believers in the IP and its potential to excite and amaze players. Our cooperation with THQ was always positive and we would like to thank them for all their support over the last two years and express our sympathy to those affected by the recent events at the company.

Nick Button-Brown, general manager of Games at Crytek, added:

From day one, the Homefront 2 team has been committed to creating a game that takes the series to new heights and features the level of quality and innovation associated with Crytek.

Nothing has changed with regards our development of the game, and we look forward to sharing the finished product with players.

There has been no news concerning when the new game will be released, however this news sure gets a shooter fan like myself excited. No pawn intended.

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One Comment on "Crytek Buys Homefront IP, Says New Game Will “Excite And Amaze” Gamers"

  1. nick January 26, 2013 at 2:28 am -

    im sure it will be a great game, but what really pisses me off is.
    the games we have a trillion of, homefront, saints row, company of heroes, WWE, all got bought by other publishers so they will continue.
    all the genres we have a billion and one games of!
    all the unique games, darksiders, deblob, red faction, all not included in the sales.
    yea THQ is holding new auctions over the next few weeks hoping to sell said titles, but they did not sell the first time so whos to say that will change?
    its almost like this industry has become anti uniqueness.
    were not allowed to have new genres, were only allowed to have games which have released 100000000000000000000 times before!
    how many quirky humorous fun games like deblob do we have?
    how many boring mundane repetitive war games like homefront do we have?
    i rest my case!

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