THQ Shouldn’t Have Taken On Call Of Duty With Homefront


Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford has said THQ should never have taken on Call of Duty, especially if they knew their product was inferior.

“You really have to spend a lot. You have to not only out brute-force the market leader, but out-clever them. The game has to be better, the marketing and production better have to be…everything has to be bigger and better,” Pitchford said in an interview with Gamasutra.

“I tend to be careful about talking about other people’s business. “Right off the bat, I’m suspicious of that approach, right out of the gate. That might not be the best strategy. The [game's] what-if scenario is kind of interesting but it doesn’t take a lot of risks from a gameplay point of view.

Somehow the decision was made that ‘We are going to build this game and hope it becomes an IP’ [but with Crytek as developer]. That suggests that the people at THQ that were making the decision, at the time, that Homefront was worth betting on again, but not with the same developer, which is interesting.”

Is there a game on earth, in the seventh generation that stands the chance of dethroning Call of Duty? Foxton thinks Grand Theft Auto V can do it. What say you?

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3 Comments on "THQ Shouldn’t Have Taken On Call Of Duty With Homefront"

  1. nick July 14, 2012 at 5:00 am -

    definitely will be GTAV!
    theres no franchise out there that is as popular as GTA!
    and its been quite a long time since we have had a GTA game, so…….
    as for homefrount it failed simply because it is what every other game is this gen!
    a lire!
    it made so many promises and as usual did not deliver!
    the game was suppose to prove that military games CAN have a deep interesting story!
    but all it did was prove the opposite!
    gameplay wise it was allot of fun, a hell of allot better than BF3 or MW3!
    but it just did not have the wow effect you need these days to stick out.
    hopefully crytek can keep that, all while adding the engrossing story the franchise promised!

  2. SHADOWBOXER July 15, 2012 at 7:52 pm -

    ugh, homefront was the worst game i have ever played..hugge waste of time as well…i regret playing it

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