Friday, August 29, 2014
Homefront 2 Announced, First Trailer Inside

Homefront 2 Announced, First Trailer Inside

It’s been known that Crytek has been hard at work developing the new Homefront title, dubbed Homefront 2, and today the game has finally announced, complete with release date, details and the first trailer. It’s all below.

The game takes place four years into the occupation of the U.S. by Korean forces, as the story of the first game goes. In this title, however, new characters represent a dawn of freedom fighters, guerrilla style, in the streets of Philadelphia, which gives them the ability to terrorize KPA troops and attempt to gain the upper hand either alone or along with friends in online co-op.

Crytek was first developing the game for THQ, but when the publisher dissolved last year, Crytek bought the franchise to preserve the work it had already done of the game. It’s now being helmed by the firm’s UK branch dubbed Crytek UK, formerly Free Radical. It’s being published by Deep Silver.

Video Thirst: Homefront: The Revolution

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