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Video Thirst: Is Portal 2 The Funniest Game Ever Made?

by Joseph Garrett on April 30th, 2011, under Funny Stuff, Valve, Video Thirst

Comedy in a video game isn’t an easy thing to do. And I mean real comedy, not one liners cracked during cut-scences. To get the comedy timing right, when you don’t know what the player will be doing or where they will be looking is no small feat. So the fact that Valve managed to create a small group of characters that will keep you howling with laughter throughout, is a true testament to there game design, as well as the games brilliant writing.

Video Thirst: Portal, The Story So Far

With portal 2 just around the corner (19th in the US and 21st in Europe) now is the time to brush up on your portal flinging abilities.

Laughter Thirst: When Last Were You Excited About Giving Money?

Can you remember? Haha, this video is really funny.

Quench your thirst after the jump.