Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Weekend Quencher 04/20/13 – Sticking With The Trend, Edition

Weekend Quencher 04/20/13 – Sticking With The Trend, Edition

Another weekend is upon us, a few days we get to share some time with family, go out and have some fun and, for gamers, spend ridiculous hours playing videogames. A trend we recommend sticking to. It’s the weekend friends, what are your intentions?

So I’m attending a family conference all weekend. It started on Thursday and runs through Sunday. Today there’s a men’s conference and later marriage counselling, however I’ll miss both sessions because I’ll be fixing my vehicle – the universal joint has been completely destroyed, leaving my 4-Runner paralyzed.

Later on I’ll enjoy the evening events of the family conference – concerts, food, fun etc.

On the gaming front, the next game I’m taking on is Bioshock Infinite, and after that I intend to get into Tomb Raider – the latter I’ve been a fan of from PSone days, and the best being Tomb Raider 2. Do I have a witness?

Anyway, that’s me, what I’m interested in is what you good Games Thirst people will be doing all this weekend, including the games you’ll be playing. Share it! And have a blessed one!

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