Friday, April 19, 2013

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European PS Store Update Satisfies With Soul Sacrifice Demo, Injustice: Gods Among Us Full Game Purchase

Injustice Gods

Just as the US PS Store update quenched the thirsts of countless gamers last night with the Soul Sacrifice demo and Injustice: Gods Among Us content, the European PS Store refresh did not disappoint. We’re talking about the full game download of Injustice: Gods Among Us, the PS Vita Soul Sacrifice demo, Journey: Collectors Edition going for cheap – and ... Read More »

Black Ops II Lag Comp Explained

Black Ops II

Black Ops 2′s MP includes a ‘necessary evil’ called “lag comp”, “comp” representing compensation. Some would rather take the easy route and describe it as giving players with slow internet speeds an advantage over those with faster speeds, the idea being that it would level the playing field. But the problem is way more complex than what was just explained, ... Read More »

Sponsored Video: There’s A Dragon Coming


This post is sponsored by Qualcomm: There’s a dragon coming, one so massive you’ll think that it’s something from the former world – and it must be!  When was the last time you saw a dragon? We thought so. At the movies, right? But a dragon is coming to save the day. Your day, your life indeed. Read More »

Wii U DOA?

wii U_

Wii U has been a slump lately, and Nintendo’s been trying to save the day by giving away free dev kits. But even with its latest efforts, Games Thirst’s Tim Ceaser reckons that it’s too late for the console, and although it won’t flop like the Virtual Boy, Wii U won’t be the blockbuster hit is predecessor was. Read More »

Feature: About Used Games And The Next Xbox


Microsoft’s next Xbox has been the recipient of only bad media as of late because of rumors claiming the console won’t play games if it’s not connected to the internet, and will block used games from working. Games Thirst’s Tim Ceaser explains why Microsoft should forfeit its current path. Read More »