Tuesday, April 9, 2013
Weekend Quencher 04.06.13 – “Deal With It”, Edition

Weekend Quencher 04.06.13 – “Deal With It”, Edition

If you have spotty internet, live in a rural area, don’t care to be always connected to the internet, live in a place that’s prone to receiving the brunt of nature’s wrath and want to own the next Xbox that’s rumored to always need an internet connection to work, you’ll just have to “deal with it,” says Microsoft creative director. It’s the weekend, friends, what are you guys dealing with?

I’ll be dealing with a few things over the weekend, so it’ll be quite the busy Saturday/Sunday for me. I’m also ready to deal with Bioshock: Infinite  as I haven’t gotten a chance to touch it.

But the week has been an interesting one to deal with, wouldn’t you say? News and rumors about Microsoft controversial soon-to-be revealed console, dubbed Durango, made most of the headlines this week, and it gets worse with each passing day.

the next xbox_

According to the rumors, the console won’t play games, whether online or off without an internet connection, and if your internet fades, Durango goes into troubleshooting mode after three minutes. It’s also been said that the console will block the sale of used games – and MS’s best answer to this is from Orth: “deal with it”.

How should we do that? Simple, buy a PS4.

Hopefully MS changes its mind, because this thing has turned into a monumental mess for the company.

Anyway, what are you guys dealing with again? Let’s hear it. And please, tell me how you feel about the site’s new look and if you’re having any problems, let us know. That’s the only way we can address issues.

Have a blessed weekend, friends!

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  • Wolf1888

    It’s strange, I kinda like this. I’m going to buy the PS4 anyway, and from what I’m seeing, it’s going to fulfill my gaming needs at the maximum. There is not a single thing I hate about the PS4 (some littles I dislike, but I can “deal with it” easily). So, basically, for next gen, I’m completely set.

    The one thing I do not actually enjoy about this whole drama is that maybe Microsoft will fail on the gaming market after this, leaving Sony without any competition. (Nintendo? Suuuure…).

    And competition is good, or else Sony won’t feel the need to innovate.


    About the website, I really really really like it, it feels real nice to navigate through it. I did notice though that some people that used to comment on articles went missing, or changed names. What happened to Nick, Foxtron, Alex, Benzo, Narwall, etc? I’m guessing they either changed name, or they didn’t follow with the Disqus upgrade. (Well, I’m pretty sure Nick didn’t just change names, because there isn’t any 1000 words comments anymore lol)