Tuesday, April 9, 2013
Report: Next Xbox Not Backwards Compatible, Will Cost $500, $300 For Subscription Model (Update)

Report: Next Xbox Not Backwards Compatible, Will Cost $500, $300 For Subscription Model (Update)

The  next Xbox will be pretty expensive according to a new report, as the console will cost $500 for the regular model and $300 for those who purchase via subscription. The latest report also suggest that the console will require an internet connection to play games.

Microsoft also plans on launching a $99 Xbox 360 codename “Stingray” alongside the next Xbox.

All this according to popular and well-connected blogger Paul Thurrott, speaking on the latest WhatTheTech podcast. He also said the console won’t be backwards compatible, so Xbox 360 games won’t will be able to be played on it.

Thurrott makes clear that the next Xbox will definitely need an internet connection to play games, as it’s being dubbed an always-connected piece of tech. Rumors are also running rampant that the console, simply called Xbox, will double as a cable box – as Microsoft bids for the living room. The firm is said to be preparing shows specifically for the new platform.

The console will launch in November, according to Thurrott, however it will be revealed on May 21st, opposed to the formerly rumored late April event, as Microsoft pushed back its unveiling to better answer to Sony’s PlayStation Meeting held in February, where PS4 was unveiled.

The next Xbox will also launch in November, alongside PS4, the report states.

(Update) A previous edit of this article said the $99 Xbox was actually a next generation console that would only run apps. That was incorrect. Microsoft is actually planning to release a $99 Xbox 360 codename “stingray” alongside the next Xbox.

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  • Guest

    $500 is a little steep!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rhet.monk Rhet Monk

    Let me get this straight, I sometimes play to disconnect, you’re telling me the next Xbox won’t allow me to do that? I think I’ve heard that the next Playstation will.

  • Ghost250

    if you don’t have a constant internet connection then you will not be able to play your games next xbox. sony confirmed themselves that their console will not have to be always online to play games, unless developers put DRM on their games themselves.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rhet.monk Rhet Monk

    I have ATT, I have internet most of the time. It is supposed to be all of the time, but aside from ATT’s issues, I ‘disconnect’ so I can disconnect sometimes. I’ll be able to play my games when I’m disconnected. Perhaps it just won’t be on an Xbox. I still own a deck of cards and a few board games. If worse comes to worse I’ll just use them as a distraction from people that think we should be connected all of the time.

  • Ghost250

    actually if the rumblings we been hearing about this, xbox will be the only one that does this. sony is not doing, nintendo of course isn’t doing. so i thinks that pretty much points towards xbox