Friday, May 17, 2013
Uncharted 4 Confirmed?

Uncharted 4 Confirmed?

We know Uncharted 4 is already under development for PS4, but did Graham McTavish (Charlie Cutter/Zoran Lazarevic) just confirmed the game’s existence?

It was some of his tweets that sent the internet a bit wild yesterday, when he said:

For Gamers…Just back from 1st day on a new project. Very hush-hush, but I think it’s going to be rather good…..

@akashpunkfanno1@grahammctavish When is Charlie Cutter coming back sir? “ fans, I will keep you posted!….

So work is already underway, that we know. Question is, how soon will Uncharted 4 be released? Will it be a launch title? Share your thoughts.

Thanks, AllThingsUncharted.

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  • foxton

    “so we know its under construction but has this confirmed its existence?”
    im not quite sure what the story is here? if you know its under construction then surely it exists!! lol
    But looking at the tweet, if yesterday was the first day on a new project then its safe to say that it will not be a release title!!!
    But if you already knew it exists then yesterday wouldnt of been the first day would it? so chances are the tweet is not related to UC4 at all!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Whatever Fox! LOL! It’s a neat story. It’s Uncharted 4, for crying out loud! :D

  • foxton

    sorry im in a funny mood this afternoon in case you dodnt know :)

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I can see that :)

  • nick

    does not really mean anything.
    i really liked charlie he was typical brit, real charming fellow and a bit of a smart a$$!
    hope we do see him back along with elana and chloe.
    one thing i really want to see ND do is flesh out drakes other relationships allot more!
    the original showed us how he met elana, than 3 showed drakes childhood and how he met sully.
    now all we need is how he met chloe, and also how he met that bastard in uncharted 2.
    exactly why i enjoyed 3 allot more than 2, yea 3 lacked the ambition and flair of 2, but it had such a good story and really fleshed out drake really well.

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