Saturday, September 6, 2014

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Uncharted 4 On PS4 Is 1080p And 60FPS


Uncharted 4 is something to behold. Writing this piece, I’m still trying to process how in the world can a game look so darn good. But Naughty Dog are at the top of their game, and not only will Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End be rendered in 1080p glory, Naughty Dog is also targeting 60fps. Read More »

Uncharted 4 To Be Unveiled At E3 2013?


Naughty Dog has a thing for putting clues of their upcoming games in ones they’ve already released. It happened for The Last of Us, when clues were stealthily inserted in Uncharted 3′s opening bar stage. Now it seems like Naughty Dog’s up to its old tricks, as it’s once more placed clues of an unannounced title in The Last of ... Read More »

Top Five Exclusives To Carry PlayStation 4


Every video games console needs a hero, and sometimes they need more than one. Xbox has Halo, Nintendo’s Wii U has Mario. Today, Sony will announce PlayStation 4 in New York, what are the top five games that’ll lead the new console to victory? Let’s find out. Read More »

Thirsty Conversations: Should Uncharted 4 Go Multiplatform?

Yesterday Nolan North who plays Nathan Drake’s character in the Uncharted franchise, said many people ask him why isn’t the game on Xbox 360, because it if it were, the game would sell “25 million” copies. He said that’s because PS3 is the only machine with the power to accomplish what it takes to make an Uncharted game. So since ... Read More »