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Top Five Exclusives To Carry PlayStation 4

Top Five Exclusives To Carry PlayStation 4

Every video games console needs a hero, and sometimes they need more than one. Xbox has Halo, Nintendo’s Wii U has Mario. Today, Sony will announce PlayStation 4 in New York, what are the top five games that’ll lead the new console to victory? Let’s find out.


If there has been one PlayStation franchise that’s made PS3 a viable buy, and there have been many, Naughty Dog’s Uncharted must be counted atop the bunch. The franchise has sold over 14 million units on PS3 alone, making it the most successful exclusive Sony’s seen in the seventh generation of gaming. The game has also helped move millions of PS3s, while helping the console find its identity.

Uncharted 4: Drake’s New Beginning should be a PlayStation 4 launch title.

Metal Gear Solid 5

When PS3 was being lambasted by journalists in its early 2006-2007 years for being too expensive and not having enough games to support a purchase, there was only one game Sony could turn to: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots. The game was, at that time, Sony’s killer punch, a secret weapon of sorts to calm the building storm, and that’s exactly what it did.

MGS4: Guns Of The Patriots sold almost 6 million units in lifetime sales, helping Sony move over 200,000 consoles immediately upon its release, and thousands more thereafter. If you’re going to release PS4, then Metal Gear Solid 5 must be an exclusive on said console, just like its predecessors before.

Killzone 4

Every console needs a strong shooter. Xbox 360 has Halo, so will Xbox 720. PS4 needs Killzone 4 – even as a launch title.

Killzone 3 was, and still is the best looking game on consoles although it was released way before Battlefield 3 and many other top shooters. If Sony hopes to wow crowds at E3 next year, the firm should have Killzone 4 running, and ready for release alongside PS4.

Although the last installment was received differently by varying fans, it sold 2.2 million units life-to-date, a number I believe could rise substantially if Guerrilla Games stuns us at E3 2013 with KZ4, and if it’s released as a launch title – Killzone 2 sold almost 3 million.

Gran Turismo 6

There is no doubt in my mind that Polyphony Digital is already laboring away on Gran Turismo 6 for PlayStation 4, and why wouldn’t they? Gran Turismo 5′s demo (Gran Turismo 5: Prologue), sold a stunning 4.10 million units. Did you get that? A demo sells more units than top shooter Killzone 3, Sucker Punch’s inFamous 1 and 2, Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet 2, and the same amount as God of War 3? The game itself has sold almost 8 million copies life-to-date, more than any other PS3 exclusive, ever. It was also a system-seller for Sony. Just imagine what GT6 will accomplish once released on PlayStation 4.

LittleBigPlanet 3

Every console needs a family game because parents are the ones with the money. Why do you think Kinect sold 18 million units in two years? Or do you think guys were the ones purchasing Wii Fit causing it to sell over 22 million units worldwide? No, mothers were the ones purchasing the game, and Sony knows it needs a family title to answer this problem. It already has one.

LittleBigPlanet is one of those games where everyone can pick up a controller and have at it. It’s fun, silly, rewarding, makes people laugh and can bring the whole family together to play. The game’s also sold a respectable 5 million units life-to-date, while the second title sold 2.5 million. Not bad for a new IP showing up to the game rather late.

There are other titles we believe will help PlayStation 4 but are not necessarily needed and we’ll talk about them in another thread. But these are the titles Sony’s next console, codenamed Orbis, simply can’t do without.

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  • nick

    id have to go jack and daxter.
    there is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people out there that absolutely love the series!
    than theres the people who love ND and will try anything they release.
    that and the getaway 3 are the 2 games that would help shift consoles the most.
    LBP, KZ, resistance, uncharted, all that stuff we have had so much of just in what 3 years?
    the games that sell the most units on launch will be the ones that we have not seen in a while, and especially ones that we thought we would never see again!
    everyone would shit their pants if $ony turned up to E3 next year and revealed they have bought insomniac, AND the spyro license and there bringing a new spyro game to the ps4.
    than icing on the cake the team which released the last of us is working on a new J&D game, and the team which released uncharted 3 is working on a new crash bandicoot game.
    team SOHO, IE $ony london studio is working on the getaway 3, and last but not least $ony bend is working on a new syphon filter.
    none of that will ever happen, but hey for once in a while were allowed to dream!

  • foxton

    ha ha so you think that sony should have Crash bandicoot, spyro the dragon and jack and daxter as exclusive release titles? come off it man these games are aincient, i bet the vast majority of people who used to play these games have given up gaming for marriage and kids!!! half the gamers around these days wont have even heard of these titles so why would anyone want to buy them? they are all old, middle of the road platformers, games like Killzone and Uncharted have help revolutionise todays gaming styles, and its these games they need to keep producing, Man i thought you knew something about the gaming industry. I know you dont like sony but comming up with crappy titles like that is just taking this hatred too far!
    Have to agree with your selection Ernice, Resistance is a title I think they should bring back, and obviously keep going with god of war

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Foxton: Same thing I was thinking. The gamers who played these games are either not around anymore, or are no longer interested. They’re also married men with children.


    I don’t believe these games would sell half a million units, far less move PS4s.

  • nick

    obviously yous have been living in a cave for the past few years.
    hop on the PSN blog, pick whichever post you want and you will find at least 1 person on there asking when the spyro games will be added as ps1 classics.
    not to mention the crash returns mod which was being done as a CE2 mod reached 4.9M fans!
    theres plenty of people out there still looking for these types of games!
    there not THAT old!
    $ony will sell jack shit ps4s if all they have to offer is the same crap we have today!

  • foxton

    ok nick if thats your train of thought, i may find a few people who want some sort of remake, the people who use these blogs are people like you who go on them and say what YOU want to see, your not an ordinary middle of the road gamer, you obviously spend a lot of time on them and have a passion for them.
    If you did a poll on the PS website, of what game would you like to see as a release title for ps4 out of
    Uncharted 4
    Killzone 4
    Spyro the dragon

    you think spyro would win??!!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    UC4 and KZ4 easy. lol

  • benzo

    Im digging the list EG,but Im going to pull one out of the chest of time for a launch title…Legend of Dragoon 2. YEAH I SAID IT!! Loved the first and want more! A good long RPG would be an awesome addition for a launch line up.

  • foxton

    Thanks EG,
    and clearly ive not been living in a cave for a few years, sounds like you have if you think games like Crash bandicoot jak and daxter and spyro the chuffing dragon should be relased for ps4!!!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Legend Of Dragoon! LOL! It’d be great, but you know Sony ain’t making it a launch title.


    Launch titles need be big hitters. Stuff gamers wouldn’t pass up.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Foxton: You’re welcome, bro. @ Nick, come on man, Spyro ain’t moving not one console as a launch title man.


    I mean folks will buy the game but it’s simply not big enough, has been missing in action for too long, and it’s kinda past its time.

  • nick

    and people will flock to the ps4 just to play games they can play on their ps3?
    eh, as the saying goes a fool is easily parted from his money.

  • Heads up B1tches

    At foxton , you must be new to video games , other wise you would lov some new jak and daxter 4 for the ps4 , and nick was right about this game Jak 4 and Crash bandicoot will bring a lot of gamers back to playstation , evn some of the 360 fanbase , read theh blogs in most webs every1 is waiting for Jak 4 game to come out , Naughty Dog has the potential to make it , the majority of gamers these days are in the 20′s and some even 30s they are not old men . Jak 4 on PS4 is my wish , but not Spyro , Uncharted is always welcomed , but giving the gamers the same game every year or two isn’t a good tactic. But it seems like Uncharted 4 is coming for sure and Jak4 isn’t.