Friday, August 29, 2014

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100 Games Coming To PS4 This Year


Yes, there’s currently a next-gen games drought throughout the games industry, but if Sony’s to have its way, things will change very soon. According to the company, there are over 100 games coming to PlayStation 4 this year. Read More »

Sony Able To Sell Every PS4 It Makes, Yields Are Phenomenal


Sony’s been riding a wave of success like we haven’t seen since the PS2 days — and this one seems to be even greater, with “millions” of preorders for the console, and demand that’s hard to keep up with, yet Sony Computer Entertainment CEO and President Jack Tretton, has told Fox News that they’re holding back some stock for launch, ... Read More »

Sony: GamesCom Will Be All About PS4 Games


Sony’s been on a roll with PS4 lately, and the electronics giant has no intentions of slowing down. But just how can Sony keep momentum steaming ahead until launch? Games, games and more games! And come GamesCom, you’ll see more PS4 titles – both playable, those we’ve already seen, and brand new offerings. Read More »

For The First Time, I Have Preordered A Games Console


It’s possible that, because I am the founder and editor-in-chief of Gamesthirst, Sony and Microsoft could each send me a PS4 and Xbox One free of charge so I could “review” the new machines. But something happened to me last week that I haven’t experienced since my “young” days, I preordered a games console. Read More »