Next PlayStation Called Orbis, Won’t Be Backwards Compatible, 2013 Launch


What has to be the biggest and most detailed PS4 rumor ever reported has just landed on gaming’s web courtesy Kotaku, including a 2013 launch, codename Orbis, and a measure to prevent the sale of used games. Everything’s below.

It’s codename Orbis, and a reveal could be just months away, however a 2013 holiday release is already in order.

According to Kotaku, “the details in this story come from a reliable source who is not authorized to talk publicly about next-gen hardware but has shared correct information with us before.”

Meanwhile, when reached for comment, a Sony spokesperson told the site the firm does not comment on rumor and speculation.


In Latin, the word Orbis means circle, or ring, or even orbit – not nothing to grab clues from, but like Kotaku pointed out, considering that PS Vita was also derived from Latin, literally meaning “Life”, Orbis isn’t too far fetched. I personally like the sound of it.

Combine circle and life, you get the circle of life. Maybe, just maybe, PS Vita is an integral part of PS4 Orbis.

Infact, if you visit, you’ll see this PlayStation screen:


– AMD x64 CPU

– AMD Southern Islands GPU

According to the source, “the PS4′s GPU in particular will be capable of displaying Orbis games at a resolution of up to 4096×2160, which is far in excess of the needs of most current HDTV sets. It’ll also be capable of playing 3D games in 1080p (the PS3 could only safely manage 3D at 720p).”


“Select” developers have been receiving developer kits since the beginning of 2012, and revised and improved versions were given at GDC, and finalized betas will be sent our at the end of this year.

That being the case, developers should have ample time to get ready their games for a holiday 2013 release, (sometime in November, just like PS3 back in 2006). It will also be the PS3′s seventh year on the market.

Won’t Run PS3 Games

Orbis won’t be able to play PS3 games, says the Kotaku source, and Sony has no plans to make the console backwards compatible on already available PS3 games, either.

Used Games Are Dead On Orbis’ Arrival

Many sources have informed Kotaku that Orbis will have some kind of used games-blocking feature. Here’s how the main source says it’ll work:

“New games for the system will be available one of two ways, either on a Blu-Ray disc or as a PSN download (yes, even full retail titles). If you buy the disc, it must be locked to a single PSN account, after which you can play the game, save the whole thing to your HDD, or peg it as “downloaded” in your account history and be free to download it at a later date.”

You’ll also need to be online to even start up the games, so PSN account and internet access are paramount.

“If you then decide to trade that disc in, the pre-owned customer picking it up will be limited in what they can do.”

It’s not clear how exactly things will work for the person buying the used games, what features they’ll be locked out of, and what will be made available, but according to the source, “used games will be limited to a trial mode or some other form of content restriction, with consumers having to pay a fee to unlock/register the full game.”

If it’s all true, there’s lots to talk about here. Take the lead.

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8 Comments on "Next PlayStation Called Orbis, Won’t Be Backwards Compatible, 2013 Launch"

  1. ExclusivesMostly March 28, 2012 at 4:16 pm -


  2. Ghost250 March 28, 2012 at 4:26 pm -

    this is not enticing whatsoever

  3. Ernice Gilbert March 28, 2012 at 4:30 pm -

    Guys I think it is. I mean, the used game blocking tech part is a bit worrisome, and will cause Sony to lose big if MS does not implement it, but the specs are amazing, and Sony’s already tying Vita games to one PSN account. I think it’s plausible.

  4. Joshua Tompkins March 28, 2012 at 11:13 pm -

    If they do this used games blocking stuff, I will be done with gaming. And, no backwards compatibility? are you kidding me? Almost everything said in that statement pisses me off. If this is the direction gaming is going, I do not want any part of it.

  5. Ghost250 March 28, 2012 at 11:24 pm -

    @Joshua Tompkins dude the way gaming is heading it seems like we are on verge of another video game crash.

  6. Joshua Tompkins March 28, 2012 at 11:28 pm -

    I totally agree. We might need another crash to get back to the way gaming use to be.

  7. nick March 29, 2012 at 3:41 am -

    i always said greed is destroying this industry, however they did not have to prove it to me!
    i doubt it will be called orbis though this is probably just its code name.
    sony consoles have always gone for sequential numbers so i dont see any reason why this would change.
    changing the name would only hurt sales because people would be thinking this has nothing to do with a playstation console and is something completely different when its not.
    the 4096×2160 part is almost impossible since sharp is the ONLY manufacture to prototype such a TV at CES this year and they said there not going into full production till 2014 at the earliest.
    and TVs always get delayed, at this rate we were suppose to have laser TVs 2 years ago!
    how many CESs in a row have OLED TVs been showed?
    yet were still to receive any.
    then onto the used game debacle, being able to tie it to 1 PSN account and copy the whole game over to the HDD is just stupid!
    allot of game stores, ebay, offer refunds for games if you dont like them.
    so people buy it, install it on their HDD and take it back thus getting the game for FREE!
    and this is better then used games how?
    either this is the biggest load of shit ive ever read, or $ony are allot stupider then i thought!

  8. benzo March 29, 2012 at 7:22 pm -

    I’m on it day damn 1!!!!

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