Monday, June 3, 2013
Ubisoft Bringing Assassin’s Creed III To PS Vita October 31st

Ubisoft Bringing Assassin’s Creed III To PS Vita October 31st

Ubisoft is making sure Assassin’s Creed III gets into as many hands as possible, because we’ve just found out that not only will said game be coming to home consoles including Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U, but according to online retailer Zavvi, the title will also make its way onto Sony’s new portable machine, PS Vita.

The listing also shows a release date for the game as October 31st, one day after its release on Console.

Ubisoft has prepared a major AC3 demo to be shown at this year’s E3 just over one week away, and they’ve sent live a video documenting the pressures to prepare content for gaming’s biggest event.

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Video Thirst: Road To E3 (AC3)

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  • Mezzo

    I’ve always wanted an ‘AC’ game for the Vita ( So I Can Buy It Once I Buy The Vita), but if this is nothing more than a Port of the console version…..Than….. Meh.
    They should do a Spin-Off for the vita, a story that you can’t play on Consoles.

  • narwall14

    im sick of them making a whole different things for handhelds i want to see the same thing from the consoles on the handheld.thats just me

  • Ghost250

    @narwall thats kinda redundant when you think about it, if they made a handheld and put the exact same games from consoles on handhelds then there would be no point of buying the hanheld in the first place because there is nothing unique to the handheld

  • nick

    just because theres a listing for it does not mean its confirmed.
    EB NZ have a listing for alan wake 2 on the ps3, we all know thats never going to happen.
    not to mention a few weeks after conviction came out game put up a listing for the ps3 version and even started taking preorders for it!
    i doubt it will be AC3, the PSP version was a whole new game linking the story between the first 2.
    i hope this will be the same, maybe a link between revelations and 3.

  • narwall14

    @Ghost well what about those who dont have a ps3 or xbox but want to know the same story? and how come the xbox and ps3 have the same thing why some thing different on each of them.thats what people don’t see when they talk about handhelds we want to have the same privileges that the ps3 and xbox gets to have.

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