Sunday, May 4, 2014
Price Drop For Xbox360 and PS3 to come soon

Price Drop For Xbox360 and PS3 to come soon

The time is right for hardware and software price drops from Sony and Microsoft, according to Baird researcher Colin Sebastian.

Regarding hardware, the industry-watcher said core gamers already have their eyes on next-generation technology, making the timing ideal for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 price drops.

Sebastian further noted that Microsoft’s rumored $99 Xbox 360 Kinect bundle would be a “nice start” to add hardware value for consumers, but a straight price cut would be more effective.

On top of hardware price drops, Sebastian said a $50 price point for “most” software releases makes sense, considering the age of the present console generation. The analyst believes this could be achieved through a “modest cut” to the royalty fees paid to Microsoft and Sony.

Concerning April’s NPD data, Sebastian said to expect disappointing sales for the month. The industry diviner remarked that hardware and software sales are expected to remain “weak,” trending down 25-30 percent year-over-year. Full details will be revealed later next week.

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  • nick

    once next gen systems are released then yeah drop the prices, but not until then.
    allot of people have there eyes on next gen consoles, so dropping the price on current ones is not going to refocus their interest.
    M$ and $ony need to milk these things for every last bit they have!
    and thats exactly why there trying to expand their life cycle with things like kinect, move and online services.
    theres more than enough content incoming to warrant the price of admission, a price drop would be just short shifting yourself!

  • nick

    only thing that needs a price drop is the vita!
    and a significant one!
    oh and of course the accessories and games, i mean 70 bucks for MK?
    are you freaking kidding me!?
    yea, good luck with that!
    JB have a promo on now preorder max payne 3 for 80 bucks.
    hmmmmmm what will i spend my money on?
    a ps3 game, one of the best for 80?
    or a crappy handheld port of a 1 year old game for a game that was decent but not amazing, for 70?
    i know where my cash is going!