Saturday, November 16, 2013
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The Reasons Why Santa Monica Has Stuck With God Of War

The Reasons Why Santa Monica Has Stuck With God Of War

Sony Santa Monica makes known why it’s stayed with the God of War franchise throughout the years.

Main reason is because they still have a story to tell, says the developer. Santa Monica also plans on improving the game’s system further, while adding other pieces to make it a whole, like God of War: Ascension’s multiplayer, for example.

Lots more GOW in store, I suppose.

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  • nick

    both a good and a bad thing.
    good thing we see our favorite game improved, which ascension is oh so improved!
    it just feels so much slicker and fast paced than GOW3.
    bad because, well, you want to see what else they can do.
    id love to see them do a ND, split into several teams and have each work on something different.
    1 working on GOW, the rest on new IPs.
    id love to see them do a skyrim dungeon crawler styled game.
    something much darker and combat focoused though, maybe something like dark souls but with the story and world emphasis of skyrim,
    that would be sweet!
    than since THQ probably wont be doing anymore darksiders games, $ony buy the rights and get SM to do darksiders 3!

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