Pachter: Wii U Will Fail, PS4, Next Xbox 2TB Hard Drive, Activision Should Buy Take-Two


Michael Pachter, the outspoken Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst has said a few interesting and sometimes controversial things at the Game Monetization Summit, including talk of an Activision buyout of Take-Two, how Nintendo Wii U will receive no support next year, and a whole bunch of blab on next-gen. Interested in finding out what the man had to say? No? I see.

Wii U

“I think you’re going to see now with the Wii U, notwithstanding its early launch support, nobody’s going to support it. I don’t think we’re going to see every game on the Wii U next year. I think when next-gen consoles come out they’re going to be better than the Wii U. Call of Duty is amazing on the Wii U this year. The problem with playing Call of Duty online is it’s a community and if there’s only four people playing it on the Wii U it’s no fun. Nobody in their right mind would buy a Wii U and say ‘I’m going to play Call of Duty.’ That’s like saying ‘I gave up Facebook, and it’s Google+ now’.”


“Next-generation consoles are going to have big hard drives, they’re also going to have disc drives. I would guess that the PS4 and the Xbox 720 will have 2 TB hard drives. That pretty much means you can download anything you want and never get rid of anything. You’ll have room for a couple of hundred games, no problem.”

Activision Take-Two Buyout

“Vivendi’s going to screw up Activision for the next couple of years, because they’re going to cause them to borrow money and buy back stock. I think the first thing Activision buys is Take-Two, because that fits in very nicely. Activision should buy Zynga – I just don’t think Mark Pincus is a seller. I think Zynga has great assets, they have really good franchises, they have a ton of revenue, and I think run more efficiently they’d make a ton of money. THQ is not investable. Activision and EA make tons of money, so they are interesting investments. Take-Two doesn’t make very much money but they have really great assets, so I think they remain attractive.

Prediction: The next Bungie game will be single-player only; the multiplayer aspect of that game will be subscription only.Activision’s going to try it, because they’re greedy pigs, and they’re bold.”

Pachter also sidelined Zynga, explaining why the company’s a “train wreck”, and why Call of Duty is a failure because it doesn’t charge players a subscription for multiplayer.

The guts of this man.

Courtesy VG247, via GI International.

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4 Comments on "Pachter: Wii U Will Fail, PS4, Next Xbox 2TB Hard Drive, Activision Should Buy Take-Two"

  1. benzo December 7, 2012 at 12:11 pm -

    Mr. Patcher, you sir are an idiot.
    End transmission

  2. Ernice Gilbert December 7, 2012 at 3:03 pm -

    “End Transmission”. Haha, love it Benzo!

  3. Fer1 December 8, 2012 at 3:29 am -

    At the moment I don’t see why someone would buy a Wii-U. The first party support is pretty weak and multiplats are way cheaper on xbox360/PS3. If they don’t bring out any decent first party games, I’ll just skip the Wii-U and get the next PS or Xbox.

  4. nick December 8, 2012 at 7:03 am -

    oh please!
    this guy really needs to do some research before he opens his mouth.
    apart from the logical we dont need that much space, waste of money and co.
    way to hurt load times, ensure HDD corruption issues, defrag slowdown.
    you NEVER use a disk larger than what you need, it just brings in allot of unnecessary headaches.
    next gen systems should ditch HDDs altogether, ditch moving parts altogether!
    replace the storage with SSDs, there finally becoming cheap more reliable than HDDs at decent sizes.
    one of the biggest problems with current systems is heat, SSDs will help reduce that dramatically.
    not to mention the speed advantages.
    as for a disk drive, what the hells wrong with the storage medium the vita uses?
    theres already flash cards out there Panasonic created which can hold up to 132GBs!
    yea, that should be plenty………
    you can take your 2TB HDDs pach and shove them up your a$$!

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