Wednesday, September 10, 2014
The Last Of Us Release Date Announced At VGAs

The Last Of Us Release Date Announced At VGAs

The Last Of Us from Naughty Dog saw a new trailer at the VGAs, and at the end of the trailer, a release date.

The game will be released May 7th in the U.S. exclusively on PS3. We’ll have the trailer up once it’s live.

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  • Ghost250

    this game is gonna be amazing can’t wait BUT ernice get this. now “The Phantom Pain” is apparently Metal Gear Solid V. there are numerous clues point to it actually being that. heres the link neogaf users have picked apart clues that point to this. gotta admit i was skeptical but if you look at it seems pretty accurate. im pretty sure we all know kojima is a master at trolling the MGS fanbase, so it doesn’t seem farfetched.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    See I knew it was MGS V man! I just knew it, that guy looked too much like Snake for it not to be!

  • Ghost250

    i know man that was the first thing that popped into my head. but then i saw that horse and whale then i was like nahh i can’t be. but from the looks of it snake is dreaming. i mean its pretty obvious that it’s kojima’s work hell you can tell its running on the fox engine.

    if you go to moby dick games site there is barely any info besides who founded the company.

    the founder is Joakim Mogren, switch around the letters in the first name it spells kojima. then look at the middle letters of the last name between “M” & “N” it spells ogre. Kojima & Ogre “Project Ogre” needless to say my mind has been blown. there is just too much evidence that pointing towards kojima.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Speechless. I’ll be writing up a piece. Just speechless! Kojima is boss.

  • Ghost250

    i think this pretty much seals the deal ernice

    a konami executive wearing a “The Phantom Pain” T-shirt. i have no doubt in my mind now.

  • nick

    ever since E3 $onys been spewing out the same shit for this!
    i was really hoping we would finally get some info on the infected, after all the whole game IS based on it!
    how can you be so close to release, and still yet to see anything on the whole games plot!?

  • afrotravis

    @ nick i think they have leaked enough about the game… i think they should keep us at the edge till its only a few months away…

  • TheGrimOfDeath
  • nick

    it is only a few months away.
    they havent showed off anything, all we have to show for a years worth of work is 3 different trailers, and the same god dam demo shown 100000 times!
    we can do with seeing a few more things without it spoiling the game.