Wednesday, September 10, 2014
The Phantom Pain Is Metal Gear Solid 5 – Kojima Rules Again, Trailer Inside

The Phantom Pain Is Metal Gear Solid 5 – Kojima Rules Again, Trailer Inside

Hideo Kojima is a legend, there’s no questioning that. Last night, though, at the VGAs, the man became immortal. He has once more properly and stealthily announced Metal Gear Solid 5 in the guise of The Phantom Pain.

After watching the trailer last night, which is said to be all in-game, I thought, what the heck is this? It wasn’t until the end of the video when I realized the protagonist looked exactly like Snake that I got excited. “Why does this guy look like Snake?” I asked myself, only to have my suspicions confirmed by some eagle-eyed fans on NeoGAF (Thanks, Ghost 250).

First, the Moby Dick Studio website, the apparent developer of The Phantom Pain, says its founder and CEO is some guy named Joakim Mogren. Flip the letters in Joakim a bit and you’ll wind up with Kojima. Then you have his last name Mogren, take out the M and N, and you’ll end up with Ogre. Project Ogre, anyone? But that’s not all, not by a long shot.

At the Video Game Awards last night, one of Kojima Productions executives was spotted wearing a “The Phantom Pain” T-shirt. Inspect it immediately below.

The T-Shirt also includes the Moby Dick Studio logo on there, making it even more obvious that Kojima and co are up to old tricks.

If you need more proof that Kojima is indeed prepping the MGS5, take a look at these screens of the characters in The Phantom Pain:

Also, did you notice this image:

Well, that character is actually Volgin from the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Read all about him here.

The Phantom Pain Trailerwatch from the 10:30 mark


There’s just too much evidence pointing in the direction of Metal Gear Solid 5. I simply cannot wait to see where the legend immortal Hideo Kojima takes this.

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  • narwall14


  • nick

    i still find it a bit hard to believe this is MGS5, just seems a bit too elaborate of a ruse.
    they announce a new game, create a new studio, and all that just to hide the games true existence?
    i think people have been watching too many movies and spending too much time around coat hangers and tin foil.
    next people are going to be running around screaming the MLB is filming the world for world domination.

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    You forgot who you are talking about Nick, these guys know how to make very elaborate stories.

  • nick

    they do, but not this elaborate.
    i just think going to this extreme to hide the true identity of the game is a bit ridiculous.