Friday, August 29, 2014

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New hints about Metal Gear Solid V from Kojima


On Hideo Kojima’s official twitter account, a handful of details were decrypted, giving a better insight into what the enemy’s tone will be like. Metal Gear Online is also making a return. The details are courtesy of Just Push Start. Check out what Kojima had to say about Metal Gear Solid V below: -In my next game, things will be ... Read More »

Weekend Quencher 12/08/12 – Oh Koijma! Edition


I am a bona fide Metal Gear Solid fan. It is, arguably, my favorite franchise of all time. I grew up playing the thing for crying it out. The game, back when it first launched on PSone, was way before it’s time, coming suited with a venerable story, crazy twists and memorable characters. It also had, and still has, some ... Read More »