Saturday, August 30, 2014
Thirsty Conversations: Shooter Of The Year Went To Borderlands 2, Does It Deserve The Honor?

Thirsty Conversations: Shooter Of The Year Went To Borderlands 2, Does It Deserve The Honor?

Borderlands 2 is definitely a unique and groundbreaking first-person shooter, but some argue that the game shouldn’t have won shooter of the year at the Video Game Awards this past Friday night on Spike TV. Do you agree? Should the award have gone to Halo 4, then? Medal of Honor: Warfighter? Black Ops 2, maybe?

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  • TheGrimOfDeath

    I think it does deserve shooter of the year, with all that content it has it’s definitely shooter of the year. I mean it doesn’t even have an MP which made the game a bit of a turn off for some people who want MP in all their games now, but it out did everything. One reason I think that Halo 4 didn’t win is because it is an exclusive to the X-Box.


    I believe so as well, was one of the funniest shooters i’ve ever played for a long time.

  • benzo

    Borderlands 2 is not only the shooter of the year, but deserves serious consideration for game of the year. Easily one of my favorites. Great story, awesome game play, hilarious characters, some of the best gun play this generation, and claptrap!!!! Need I say more!

  • nick

    is the Volkswagen beetle the fastest car in the world?
    HELL no it does not deserve shooter of the year!
    i was actually quite surprised with it, it ended up turning out oh so much better than what i was expecting, and its one of the very few games that actually gets SP DLC, let alone so much of it!
    but that said there is no way in hell its better than halo 4, MP3, hell even BO2 was better and im not the worlds biggest COD fan!

  • Ghost250

    BAHAHAHAHA @nick the fact that you said a yearly rehash is better than a game with more thought out mechanics, open world, better story, better gameplay and having the ability to choose from way over 17 millions guns and having a way better co-op system. yeah now i know your full of shit. an im just waiting for the rebuttal where you claim i’m wrong and compare games to cars.

  • nick

    thats nice.