Sunday, February 1, 2015
Microsoft Has Sold 70 Million Xbox 360s, PS3 Sits In Third With 63.9 Million Sold

Microsoft Has Sold 70 Million Xbox 360s, PS3 Sits In Third With 63.9 Million Sold

Since its debut in November 2005, 70 million Xbox 360s have been sold worldwide, Micrsoft has announced.

That includes 1.7 million units sold during Redmond’s Q1 2013 (July to September), 600,000 units less compared to the same period last year.

For comparison sake, Nintendo has sold a mammoth 96.56 million Wii consoles as of June 2012, while Sony managed 63.9 million PS3s sold as of March 2012, sitting in third place.

Microsoft has upped its research and development by 44 percent, amounting to $140 million, a sum we believe went into Xbox 720 preparation.

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  • nick

    one thing that will be interesting leading into next gen is how $ony and M$ handle current gen systems.
    i wouldent be surprised if M$ drops the 360 from the get go like they did the xbox, but that is really going to be a big mistake because $ony wont.
    i really hope that $ony puts more exclusives out for the ps3 once the ps4 releases, theres no reason why launch ps4 titles cant be available on ps3.
    yea it makes them not exclusives, but thats really besides the point.
    you dont buy a new system to be able to play its games, you buy a system to be able to play its new games at its new features and standards.
    some will say no im not buying a ps4 because uncharted 4 is also available on ps3 so ill get it on that.
    but most will say im getting a ps4 because yea i could get it on my ps3 but it would not be as good.
    $ony has done really well with the ps2, but they dropped exclusives for it so quickly it really defeated the purpose.
    whats the point of spending money continuing to manufacture a device if you have stopped producing content for it?
    i really hope they continue with the strong support for the ps3 well into the ps4s lifecycle, and i really hope this time they keep the backwards compatibility!
    second ps4 is out ill be trading my ps3 for the upgrade, so $ony better have BC available!