Friday, September 12, 2014
Microsoft Sells 76 Million Xbox 360 Units Worldwide

Microsoft Sells 76 Million Xbox 360 Units Worldwide

That’s three times as many of the original Xbox.

The venerable console has been the number one selling system in the U.S. for two years running.

Kinect hasn’t fared too bad idea, selling a respectable 24 million units to date, meaning one in three Xbox 360s has a kinect sensor.

Xbox Live now commands 46 million users, a year-on-year increase of 15 percent.

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  • Alex Mason

    I am amazed, nice job Microsoft.

  • nick

    just goes to show what 1 year jump start really means!
    HD TVs finally started becoming more affordable, HD content was being more readily available, and M$ were the only ones there to help support it.
    i just hope they remember why the 360 has been so successful, and carry that onto its successor.
    because, well, the past few years they have done EVERYTHING possible to DESTROY it!
    they gained their spot in the market because of the awesome games, high quality online service, and brilliant third party support.
    now the most important part of that is gone, where are all the brilliant games made by M$?
    i havent touched my 360 since forza horizon released, and wont till judgement releases!
    then after that i probably will sell it before the replacement comes out and its value decreases.
    point being M$ has become so obsessed with kinect, with crappy social features, im really worried there going to come out next gen and be in for a real rude awakening!