There Will Be Less AAA Titles Next Gen, Ubisoft Says

The Next Xbox

While Ubisoft agrees that next generation triple A games will be bigger and more ambitious, CEO Yves Guillemot believes there will be less of them.

“With next gen consoles, it’s going toward bigger games, and yes, we will make less of them,” Guillemot told The Guardian, adding that the transition to next-gen will work “like [how it has] happened in the past”.

Guillemot elaborated:

Generally, next generation consoles pick up what’s interesting in the world around them – they look at what the PC experiences are, what the mobile experiences are, they look at the social elements … and then manufacturers come up with a unit that you can put in front put the TV but that takes advantage of all the innovations that have happened since the last generation, and at a price that is accessible.

So for sure, the machines will be more powerful, but we can expect this generation – because they took quite a long time! – to actually come with something really new, really interesting that will boost the market enormously.

And just how will next-generation consoles be different from current? Guillemot thinks we’re already getting a glimpse of what’s to come:

You have a glimpse at what could happen with SmartGlass from Microsoft. Microsoft is also moving in to mobile – we can look at what they and Google are doing – those guys are trying to consider the universe we inhabit. Being connected, playing with your friends on any device – consoles can continue to improve that experience and make sure it’s more believable, that you’re immersed in those worlds.

The potential is there, with everything that’s been created in the last seven years, to give us new sensations.

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One Comment on "There Will Be Less AAA Titles Next Gen, Ubisoft Says"

  1. nick September 15, 2012 at 5:53 am -

    im not so sure about that.
    especially if rumors are true that next gen systems will be allot easier and cheaper to develop for, and development costs finally start to come down.
    it would not be such a bad thing though if we started to see more indie titles instead of spending millions on 300 team games with multiple studios across the world.
    everyones reading too much into this, hes not saying games are going to get allot smaller and less ambitious.
    just that the days of AC3, IE 100 man studios across 3 or 4 continents are limited.

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