Sunday, December 21, 2014
Thirsty Conversations: What Games Have You Played The Most?

Thirsty Conversations: What Games Have You Played The Most?

There are games we play and upon completion, immediately trade them in or pack away. But there are titles we simply can’t have enough of – it doesn’t matter if you’ve played and completed them ten times, something keeps dragging you back in.

Maybe it’s the gameplay, the story or a combination of both. Today we ask you to tell us the games that have kept you playing nonstop.

So, what are they? Let’s talk. Do it here: The Official Games Thirst forum.

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  • Wolf1888

    Metal Gear Solid on PS1 in terms of how many times I played the story mode.

    Counter-Strike: Source in terms of hours played, for sure.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Super Mario Bros. 3 for Super Nintendo – I played that game a million times, I swear.

    Killzone 3 – multiplayer – I haven’t played a game this long, ever.

  • Matthew DeVito

    Single player wise I would have to go with Kingdom Hearts, either one or two. Both were great games, childish at points, but great.

    For multiplayer. Hands down, it’s has to be Halo 2 or Halo 3. I guess if we count local multiplayer, Street Fighter 3rd strike takes the cake.

    How is everything Ernice? It’s been awhile.

  • foxton

    Mario Kart and street fighter on SNES for the enjoyment factor when i was a kid with my friends.
    Any FIFA from about 98 onwards But obviously the game i have spent most time playing is killzone 2, even went back for a little go last weekend!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Mathew: I’ve been awesome bro. Good to see you, how’s everything? I hope all is well!

    I thought it would have been Halo for you!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Foxton: Bro, Mario Kart was really something. That’s what I don’t get with Nintendo. They left us all hanging out in the cold by releasing Wii, and now they simply can’t get us back.


    I also knew it’d be KZ2 for you….

  • nick

    definitely R&C 3!
    finished that game at least 50 times on the ps2, and im on my 4th play through on the HD collection now!
    god dam it i wish they did not release a HD collection i really wanted to get onto spec ops and spiderman by now!
    as if im not far enough behind schedule……….

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Hmm, I’ve seen you playing the R&C Collection indeed. In fact that’s all you’ve been playing.


    I’m jealous

  • nick

    im enjoying it too much, its such a awesome game!
    im really pissed off with the HD remake though.
    its bloody CRAP!
    there are so many bugs, the controls are useless, there is constant frame rate drops, its even worse than the DMC collections!
    its frustrating as hell, but i put up with it because its so much fun!
    trying to get the plat first, so freaking close i only have 3 more weapons to get up to V10 than i can focus on the skill points.
    i spent 4 hours today just rummaging the sewers for sewer crystals!