Microsoft Unveils Surface For Windows RT


Last week Microsoft teased it would announce something big this week, and the firm did not disappoint. Introducing Surface, Microsoft’s new tablet featuring Windows RT.

Measuring just 9.3mm thick, the Surface for Windows RT is built around an angled, all-magnesium VaporMg case that weighs just under 1.3 pounds, with an NVIDIA-made ARM chip powering the iPad competitor. Surface also comes ready with a built-in stand, twin 2×2 MIMO antennas for WiFi, and a 10.6-inch optically-bonded, Gorilla Glass 2-covered HD display.

The new machine features a magnetically attached cover, but it’s more than just a protector, as it includes a full multi-touch keyboard and trackpad. As for expansion, Surface provides one each of HDMI, microSD and USB 2.0 as well as either 32GB or 64GB of storage, while software includes the usual Windows 8 items and a new version of Netflix, complete with Metro design.

The Surface for Windows RT should arrive when Windows 8 goes on sale, however Microsoft is only promising to price the tablet “competitively” with similar ARM competitors. If you’re looking for a tablet with more power, you can always opt for the Surface running Windows 8 pro.

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4 Comments on "Microsoft Unveils Surface For Windows RT"

  1. nick June 19, 2012 at 7:04 am -

    do we really need this?
    this is EXACTLY whats wrong with the market today!
    we use to have manufactures coming in and saying ok what can we do to capture consumers attention?
    what is something manufactures are not giving consumers that they want?
    and then go do it!
    now there saying ok what are manufactures doing?
    ok thats what will do!
    why would i buy this over a ipad 3?
    according to the highest spec model announced it has a full HD display which is 1920×1080.
    the ipad 3 has a resolution of 2048×1536.
    so the ipad is older, probably cheaper, and its apple which means it will be built like a brick and last longer than its owner!
    not to mention the aps store which im sorry but its garunteed will have 10000000000000 more applications available even 10 years time, and 10000000 times better than what the “surface” will have!

    so why the ^%$# would you buy the newer, inferior, less powerful, poorly made, unreliable, probably more expensive, and definitely less applications “surface”!?
    this is EXACTLY why apple is kicking the shit out of everyone ATM, and EXACTLY why they are THE MOST valuable company in the WORLD!
    if your going to release a product to compete with a product it needs to be better!
    not worse!
    all the tablets have not sold half as well as the ipad because there not half as good, and half as well supported, and half as reliable!
    same thing goes for phones.
    when will manufactures stop trying to compete with each other by releasing shit!?
    i mean for the love of god if you have to copy each other at least try to outdo each other!
    you cant release a car expecting to out sell a Ferrari when the car is half as fast, half as luxurious, and half as reliable, when its exactly the same price!
    so why are manufactures in the electronics market trying to!?
    pick one guy off the street and say here you can have a bar of gold for 500 bucks, or this leaf for 500 bucks.
    which will he choose?
    drives me freaking insane when companies do this!
    if your going to copy each other and not bother doing something different, something we dont have 1000000000 versions of already, than at least try to outdo each other!

  2. ttbounty June 19, 2012 at 9:08 am -

    Do you think it will die like Zune, a lot of features but nothing to back it?

  3. benzo June 19, 2012 at 9:12 am -

    Apple is kicking the crap out of everyone because its what is popular right now. They keep screwing consumers by releasing new stuff every yr with normally modest improvements. If MS wants to make a tablet, the more choices the better for consumers.

  4. nick June 19, 2012 at 11:57 am -

    no, apple is kicking the crap out of everyone because there the only ones willing to pull their finger out of their ass!
    they look and feel like a million dollars!
    iphone 4 compare to the S3 for instance, the 4 is 2 years older yet it looks newer and more expensive!
    same thing software wise, apple is kicking the shit out of mobile stores and always will simply because they know how to suck in third party companies!
    this IS the company that went to the music industry and said hey your going to charge the same price for EVERY song!
    everyone laughed them out of the room, and now its the industry standard!
    same thing reliability wise.
    a friend of mine has the S2 and its been in the shop 4 times in 16 months!
    i have had my iphone 4 for over 2 years now, still have it and never has it been in for repairs!
    hell a friend of mine has the nexus had it for 3 weeks and the battery was faulty it was discharging fully within a few hours, turns out the battery was faulty.
    went through 2 batteries, than they replaced the handset before the issue was resolved!
    apple are kicking the shit out of the market because there the ONLY manufacture out there not too lazy to actually do a half decent job of all the important aspects!
    if your going to release a product to compete with a product it needs to be as good, if not better, or down right cheaper!
    NOT more expensive, or as expensive and worse!

    so releasing cutting edge tech that years latter manufactures are yet to catch up to is modest?
    you still have not answered my questions.
    you wanna buy a kia for 500000 dollars when you could buy a Ferrari for the same price hack your brains out!
    point being the more choices the worse when your going to undercut the competition!
    whole point of competition is to improve the product or decrease prices.
    this is doing neither, thus being as useful and painful as a cup of water at a oil rig fire!

    O, n tt yea probably will.
    i honestly cant see this doing well, even IF M$ get the software support that apple has and thats a impossibility, its M$ so it will be as reliable as a french car, and as cutting edge as VHS!
    windows phone 7 has been a EPIC failure!
    this will flop so fast it will make windows phone 7 look like the freaking iphone!

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