Thursday, January 29, 2015
Report: Microsoft To Unveil iPad Beater On Monday

Report: Microsoft To Unveil iPad Beater On Monday

Come Monday, June 18th, Microsoft will unveil a rival tablet running Windows 8 it believes will end Apple’s iPad reign as king of the ring, sources close to The Wrap have said..

The new device will run Windows RT, a tablet-specific version of Windows 8 with its own Windows Store, similar to how iOS devices use the App Store.

It’s also predicted that said tablet will include Microsoft’s new technology showed off at E3 2012 dubbed SmartGlass, new tech promising to turn any smart phone or tablet computer into a touch screen controller for the Xbox 360 set to launch this autumn.

Things are about to get interesting. Let’s see what Redmond’s made of.

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  • nick

    really cant see the point in this!
    when windows 8 releases all tablets even the ipad will be able to run it!
    so whats the point?
    this is going to be just like windows phone 7, a inferior product build quality wise, and a inferior product in usability and content wise!
    give up M$, stop wasting your money and time trying to compete with apple its NEVER going to happen!
    as the saying goes never ask a software company to do hardware, and never ask a hardware company to do software!

  • Ghost250

    ^ Exactly It’ll “NEVER” happen.